Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 12: Plum

Some of you know and some of you are just seeing this for the first time....


This week marked 3 months down on our pregnancy journey and 3 years of married bliss.

Life has come a LONG way from standing on the beach in Mexico marrying my soulmate.  We have grown so much as a couple and as individuals these past 3 years.  We have the married thing we have another chapter of life to start - PARENTHOOD.

They say if you wait until you are ready you will never be ready to have a baby.  I have to say I could not have imagined a more perfect time in my 32 years of life to start a family.  I am married to the perfect man, I have the greatest best girlfriends in the world, and we have an amazing family.  Our support system stems from TN to the UK.  We are so blessed.

Today I heard the heartbeat of our little one. 


Until next week...


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 11: Lime

Things got real this week.  We bought paint for the nursery, shopped for cribs, visited some antique stores for a chest, and ordered something special for the baby's room.  I know it's early but we like to shop!  

**Before shopping we had Cracker Barrel...FYI sweet potato pancakes are freaking awesome**

This week has also been strange for me.  I've been having feelings that I shouldn't but hey I'm human and I'm a woman.  I'm feeling "fat" and not attractive.  All my friends are busting butt getting into better shape as I gain weight.  

I didn't expect a little pooch this early.  I've been trying to stay active and eat right.  I know I do not need to stress it.  I hope to put these feelings out there and move on.  So far this has been an easy pregnancy so I know I shouldn't complain.

As my husband says when I complain..."You're pregnant!"  So true my love.

Almost 3 months down...whoop. whoop.

Sending much love,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week 10: Kumquat

"It moved."

This week we had our second ob visit with Dr. Ellington.  We thought we would be hearing the heartbeat, but instead we got another look at our "little critter" as doc likes to call it and this time it looked like a baby.  

There is a baby in there!

Dr. E said at this stage the baby is sleeping about every 20 minutes and sometimes she waits forever and babies never move.  And then it moved!  Just floated up and started kicking those legs and pretty sure we got a little wave.  It was pretty awesome.  

All is going great and ready to be through the first trimester so I can tell "the world" that I'm pregnant.  

Holy heck - I'm pregnant.

These food comparison shoots are already like a sickness and it's just two weeks into them.  Don't be surprised if I don't ask to borrow some clothes from you (thanks Kylie for letting me borrow this sweater)  

It also doesn't hurt that I get to spend time with my best friend :)

Much love,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Week 9: Grape

A little life is growing and it is still sinking in that it is happening inside of me. 

When we found out the news on Dec 2, 2011, we have been filled with much joy and excitement and to be honest we are scared shitless!  Discussions of names, nurseries, godparents, saving plans, daycares, cribs, and strollers are all underway...

Over the last 9 weeks, our baby has been rapidly developing and now has all basic physiology in place and now just needs to grow. 

Grow baby grow!


With the help of my insanely talented loving gorgeous amazing best friend, we will be documenting weekly growth with some fun food comparisons.     

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

With a full heart,