Friday, February 22, 2013

27 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

This week was a week your Momma has been anticipating for longer than just 9 months.  Your Godparents, Jess and Steve finally became parents!!!

It has been a week full of love.  We had one last meal with them before the end of the pregnancy journey.  You got some snuggles and I got some amazing kicks from Reme Lynn.  It was wonderful to have time with them as now a new journey is beginning.

Reme Lynn was born on February 20, 2013.  Just 6 months and 10 days after you.   

After the birth and after the new family had some time together, we ventured to the hospital to meet your new friend.

Reme is perfect and after holding you, as light as a feather!

Your Aunt Jess looked amazing after her C-section and is already a natural mother.  I cannot wait for you to love her like I love her.  She has the greatest heart and I truly look up to her.  And from the eyes in the picture below you might think we were related.  I'd be beyond thrilled if she was my sister but I will settle for best friend.

Once Reme grows a little I suspect you will become the greatest of playmates and friends.  This my son is one of the joys of friendship...having people you love so much bring life into the world.  I've experienced this twice when your Aunt Brooke had her babies and now, the third time you are here to be apart of it.  It truly is a blessing.

A little photo-bomb of your Aunt Brooke's first picture with Reme.

It was a grand day to see two wonderful people so incredibly happy and to be there to witness the start of their family of three.

In other news of your week...

You have now had sweet potatoes and avocado.  You are sounding out more "words".   You are scooting more and go from sitting to your belly.  You like to pat your belly.    You like silly songs.  You are so attached to your blanket.  You only wake in the night now if you are separated from it.  One night this week you dropped in on the floor.  When I walked in your room your arm was trying to reach out of the crib to grab it.  So crib bumper is going up today.  You are pretty adorable with your blanket and thumb.    You figured out your sippy cup.  And a tooth is starting to bud on your bottom right.

I love you more and more every single second.


Friday, February 15, 2013

26 Weeks

Hello my Valentine!!

You are easy to love.

You had your 6 month check-up yesterday and passed with flying colors.  I had no doubt you would.  You weigh 17.13 pounds and are 27 inches long.  You are been released into the world of "baby food" with keeping in mind that the most important thing you are given is 32 ounces of your formula a day.  So if feeding you food makes you back off the bottle, then we back off the food.  I am excited to being planning and cooking for you.  I made your first of a few days of food last night - green beans!!

You ate them like a champ and then today rejected them at lunch but ate them at dinner.  Hannah said you were just showing off for her and I think I agree...

This weekend we are going to be spending some time with your Godparents, Jess and Steve as they have their last days before Reme arrives.  I cannot wait to snuggle your future friend.  We already love her so and meeting her is going to just solidify that bond.  CANNOT WAIT!

Keep on growing and being the sweetest little baby boy.  I am so in love with you.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

6 Months

There once was this baby that grew inside his Momma's belly.

It was not known to her if this baby would be a boy or a girl or what the baby would look like, smell like, feel like when she held him.

Then this baby entered her world.  It didn't matter all of the details because this baby made her a Momma.

The baby looks at her in such a way that tells her he knows who she is.

The baby touches her face and whispers to her when he is winding down at night and give kisses freely.

The baby cries and says Momma and she finds pleasure in being his biggest comfort.

The baby finds her eyes in any situation just to make sure she is still there.

The baby is you, Harrison Thames.  And I will always be there.

I had no idea how to really love until I met you.  You have made my life complete and I did not even know something was missing.

Thank you for being mine.

Happy 6 Months.

I love you always,

Friday, February 1, 2013

24 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

I like starting these posts to you with "Dear" because that is what you very dear to me.

This week started off with us both taking trips to the doctor.  I started developing a rash and it had spread and was hurting and itching.  The doc was not sure what it really was so treated me for both contact dermatitis and shingles.  My biggest fear was having shingles but I am on the mend and the rash is close to gone.  So either way I am happy.

I took you into the doc because you have had persistent congestion for over 3 weeks at that point.  The doc thought you look great besides some drainage and sent us home with antibiotics to try and I was told to keep you away from my rash since shingles is the same virus as the chicken pox and this is something you have not had nor been vaccinated for.  I was sad because I was enjoying our bath/shower time but that can wait.

We rested as much as possible and you had started to feel better.  You are sitting up wonderfully.  You even have been sitting up in the bath all alone.  Bath time is going to start being more routine because you love splashing and playing in the bubbles.

You have enjoyed your time with Hannah and even was able to spend some time with her on her birthday.  We also got to visit with the most special ladies and kids in your life.  You loved it all...

Then cue to yesterday and you started to seem a bit worse.  Your congestion was now associated with a cough and a wheeze and you were running your first temp.  I talked to the doc and they wanted to access you first thing today.  You have RSV so we just let it run its course...they said all you need is comforting care and baby boy you will get that and more.

Get well my heart.

I love you,