Monday, February 17, 2014

18 months

My Harrison,

I have been writing to your privately and your life is still being documented as much as before I stop posting weekly blogs.  However, I wanted to share with you some things about your life over these last 6 months.

In September, we found out we are expecting another baby and you are going to be a big brother.  We enjoyed the last days of summer and took the boat out as much as we could.  We took you to many fairs and festivals – you enjoyed petting animals, Greek food, local food trucks, jump houses, and every ounce of sunshine we could get. 

In October, we celebrated your Dad’s birthday and you went to your first football game.  You took it all in and I’m pretty sure you like football.  You attended Oktoberfest for the first time and rode your first pony.  We carved a pumpkin and you loved to help me collect the seeds.  You took a trip to Georgia to see Houston while your Dad and I were in Las Vegas.  October is a month that starts off the busy holiday season and we hope you love it as much as we do.  Don’t worry you will trick or treat soon.  We have so many ideas in store.

In November, Lyndsey and Lorraine came to visit for Thanksgiving and it was the most amazing time (besides a trip to the ER – you fell and hit your head at Ruby’s but you are happy and healthy).  You feel in love with them and their “room” and continued to visit it after they left us.  We have since turned it into your very own room as your old room will be the baby’s room.  I anticipate you will want to spend time in there once the baby is born and I welcome moments of you peeking into the crib or helping me with diapers.  You already throw your own dirty diapers in the trash can.  You help me in so many ways - when you are ready to wake up you help me get up by either handing me my pajama bottoms or glasses.  You shut doors or drawers that are open as you have seen me do this so many times.  You like to “cook” – I give you vegetable scraps to stir or water and you love it.  You like to clean up be it by sweeping or wiping down where a spill has happened.  You put away toys and books.  You know that everything has a place.

In December, we had our most special Christmas yet.  Santa came to visit and you were so excited to wake and see your presents.  We spent the day enjoying more gifts and the women spent the day in the kitchen making a wonderful Christmas meal.  It was one of those days I had dreamed about but it was even more than I could have imagined.  I cannot wait to make every year as special as this past Christmas.  We had many days of nothing but just us and it was the best way to end the year.

In January, we had an ultrasound to find out the gender of your sibling.  We had the gender sealed in an envelope and Grand made up poppers with confetti for us to open with our dearest friends on New Year’s Day.  You are having a little brother my love.  You are very observant and you know something is happening to my belly.  You know were the baby is and you have poked it, kissed it and rubbed it.  It makes my heart so very happy.  Also this month you started daycare.  Sadly, Hannah is not with us anymore but we have had a few dates with her.  We miss her terribly but we know the interaction is good for you.  You enjoy music class and art class.  You love to play with balls and farm animals.  Your teachers say you also love to wash your hands.  Reading books is still one of your favorite things.  You just keep growing and developing. 

In February, we have been keeping warm.  It has been one very cold winter and we are so ready for Spring.  You had your 18 month checkup and you are progressing as you should be.  Your doctor is very happy with you minus an ear infection but he said it was just the time of year.  Your body is adjusting to the new germs of daycare and it is completely normal and expected.  We have been adding more activities to our nights since we are cooped up inside.  I am loving watching you explore.  I want to do everything I possibly can to make our time together fun and stimulating.  You say so many words and pick up something new almost every week.  You know a few signs from daycare.  You are a great communicator and you are very particular and know exactly what you want.  I hope you keep that strong head on your shoulders throughout life my love.

Happy 18 Months my dearest one.  Over the next 6 months our lives are going to change.  I am going to enjoy every moment with just you before our family grows to 4.  And after your brother is here I promise we will still have our time.  Nothing is ever going to change that.  Warmer weather will be here and soon it will be summer and that means trips to the pool, trips to the lake and your Dad and I have a special vacation planned that only you will accompany us on.  It is going to be a busy 6 months…

You took my heart the moment you entered this world.  It is always yours.  I love you.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Big ONE

Dear Harrison Thames,

"For some moments in life, there are no words" Willy Wonka

"Don't forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he wanted...he lived happily every after."  Willy Wonka

Happy First Birthday Harrison Thames.

I love you more than I can ever explain or put into words.  This has been the best year of my life.  You are one!  I brought you into this world a tiny life and at each milestone we cross together my only prayer is knowing I have raised you to become an amazing human being.  So far I will say this is spot are one wonderful boy.  The door has closed on this chapter but there are soooo many waiting to be opened.  



Friday, August 2, 2013

50 Weeks

We are at the beach...

Much more next week...

I love you,

Friday, July 26, 2013

49 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

We got our rain free day on the lake my love!!! You got to ride in two different boats and you rode your first jet ski...days like this make me sooooo happy!  There maybe mishaps and delays in this process of becoming boat owners and lake goers but it is all outweighed with the good times we have been having.  And these weekends are not over...we are going to suck the marrow out of summer!!!

On Sunday we got to hang out with the H3!!  I have been anticipting their arrival for weeks months.  They have a special piece of my heart and their little one is a crazy toddler and exactly as he should be.  Well besides the fact that we do not see him enough.  If the stars align maybe one day that will change. 

I think Kenneth was pretty happy to see you and your belly button.

Soon we will make a trip to see them in London.  Oh what fun you two will have together - riding the tube, watching ducks on the canal (preferrably not throwing toys into the canal), exploring Borough Market, tasting your first Cinnamon Tree Bakery Brownie, seeing The London Eye, Big Ben, and Parliment at night and oh so much more.  I am ready to book the trip can play in the rocks and share cheddar bunnies there too. 

All week we've been preparing for our big beach trip.  In turn the garden has decided to go crazy...good thing is you got the eat your first ear of grilled corn and I canned tomatoes for the first time.  Slowly our canning is coming together.  Next is pepper jelly (hint hint Aunt Cole)

Until next week my little let's go to Florida and be beach bums. xoxo

I love you,

Thursday, July 11, 2013

48 Weeks

My dear Harrison,


There are weeks were I feel compelled to write a lot and share every detail of our week, but most weeks I want to keep those memories to myself.  Keep them stored away so they are all mine.  I have no doubt that you will never feel less loved and appreciated if I write you a book or write a few happenings.  Honestly I doubt my ability to create something for a sibling if your Dad and I have another baby.  This was started as a photography blog documenting your growth and for me it is still those first moments and little milestones that happen as you grow…it will not go on for much longer as I want to have another outlet to share our memories together. One that's for just us.


There are many things I could write for this past week of your life.  Your Grand and I have been working so hard preparing for your Uncle Matthew’s rehearsal dinner.  You have made Goodwill runs and been right beside us cleaning every corner.  You’ve played outside as we have painted her deck and cleaned the pool.  You have been patient and I could not ask for a better baby than you. And we could not have asked for a better rehearsal dinner night!! Everything was perfect...


You proved yourself as a great baby again on the Wedding Day.  You got ready with the girls and were with us all day.  All three of us played a special part in Matthew and Jenny’s day.  Your Dad and I sang a song during the ceremony as your Uncle’s one request besides you acting as ring bearer.  I am so proud of how well you rode down the aisle in Matthew’s old wagon.  It was an exciting night as you will most likely never be a ring bearer again.  It was perfect and you were a big hit at the wedding.  You danced in my arms until you fell asleep.  You were up WAY past your bedtime but it was worth it.


We’ve had some clean up days and took some time to relax following the wedding.  We are going to continue that this weekend on the lake and by the pool with friends as we have one of our fave families in town for a few weeks and we cannot wait to spend time with them.  Our weekends are filling up little man and it is wonderful.  It is great to have amazing friends (who also have babies) it makes the journey that much sweeter.

You bless my life beyond measure.

I love you,