Friday, August 31, 2012

3 weeks

Dear Harrison,

3 ways they flew and in ways time stood still in a few moments of your short little life.  I am still in awe of you and being your Momma.  You have been great and when you fuss your Dad has the magic solution to cure what ails you.  You love your Dad.

First time in the swing

Hello Handsome.

This week you had your first bath.  I ran some warm water in your little tub and got everything ready and turned the space heater on in the bathroom just to make it a tiny more warm for you.  But alas this did not make you enjoy the experience.  I washed you as fast as I could and your Dad documented the occasion and laughed.  You had another one today and it was not quite as shock to your little system.

You also "met" your Uncle Matthew this week via FaceTime.  It was sweet for my little brother to meet my little man.  I think you will become buddies once you are older.  I know he cannot wait to throw baseball with you and teach you to swing a golf club.  It is a ways off but it will be fun.

We took a few trips together this week...we dropped off some dinner for Jenny and Erik.  They are the parents to your friend Cadence.  She was fussy and hungry when we got there and you left feeling that way.  We also took a quick trip to Target to get a few essentials.  You did not get good and asleep before we got there so you just took in all the lights and sounds until you had had enough.  I took you out of your car seat and carried you around.  You were asleep before we could check out.  Being a first time mom I worry about being that woman in the store with the screaming thank you for being good :o)

You have also had some tummy time, I read you The Cat in the Hat (18 pages of it as you were not entertained - haha) and you have had a few cry-it-out-because-I'm-so-tired-and-I-am-starving-again cries.  One of which made me frustrated mostly due to exhaustion and not you.  I know you cannot communicate any other way besides crying at the moment.  I am sorry if you felt my frustration even if your Dad thinks you cannot feel such things, I swear you can.  I am being better with taking naps and making sure I am in the best frame of mind for caring for you.  It does not do us any good if we are not taking care of one another.

Tonight you will "watch" your first UT game.  I'm not sure how you will take watching the game in loud surround sound but we will see...can't wait to share Neyland Stadium with you but first you have to be able to say "Go Vols!"

I love the way you hold on to your bottle, the burp cloth or my pinky finger while you eat.

And still the sleepy grin gets me every time.

I love you.


Friday, August 24, 2012

2 weeks

Dear Harrison,

You are two weeks old today.

Since my last post you have peed on me several times.  You actually peed a puddle onto the kitchen chair when I was holding you the other night.  You always seem to do this right after I change you and get you in a new outfit.  We have had a only one incident that was close to the Riding in Cars with Boys moment but I keep my mouth closed just in case.  ~  You are trying to hold your head up like a champ.  ~  You have almost found your thumb.  ~  You are eating 2 1/2 ounces now but not at every feeding.  ~  You want to try and hold your bottle.  You are so strong.

You went on your first stroller ride this week.  You stayed awake the entire time and just took in your surroundings.  ~  I got brave and tried the booger sucker.  You were not a fan but it will make you breathe easier so I will continue to use it.  ~  You have seemed a little gassy so we called Dr. QT and asked about giving you some gas relief drops.  He gave the ok and I think they might be helping.  I know many moms that swear by these drops.  ~  Your umbilical cord numb is still attached but hopefully will be gone soon as I am ready to give you your first bath.

I took my first trip out this week when you were 12 days old.  I had a pedicure with Aunt BK and ran a few errands.  I was only gone 3 hours.  I missed you but I was proud of myself for not crying being away from you.  Maybe it helped knowing you were home with your Dad as he takes great care of you.  You two are already big buddies.  ~  We gave you some air out time to help with your diaper rash.  You peed 4 times...twice on your Dad.  We just laughed and laughed.  You seemed to really enjoy it.

You give huge grins as you are drifting off to sleep.  I hold on just a few more minutes to you in the wee hours of the morning to get one more grin...

I love you little man.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 9

Dear Harrison,

You have had a busy last few days.

We visited your pediatrician this week when you were 6 days old. You passed your visit with flying colors.  You were down only 5 ounces from your birth weight and the doc was happy to report you are not jaundice.  But we knew your coloring was beautiful already.  We will go back when you are 2 months old.

With Dr. Bigham aka Quentin Tarantino

After your trip to the doc, we went to visit your friend Cadence at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  She shared your due date and was born 08.02.12.  And I am happy to report she is finally home. So happy for you Jenny and Erik to be home with your precious little girls.

Riding in the car

That same evening you had a major spit up incident and scared your Momma and made her cry for over an hour.  Your Dad asked what am I going to do when he gets his heart broken.  My response to that was kick the girls butt or write her a strongly worded letter.  I'm not too concerned as you have many protectors already little man.  You are very loved.

Later that same night you endured your first Middle Tennessee thunderstorm.  You will find out they can be scary but also you can get your best sleep during one unless it's a tornado...

You love sitting and sleeping in your Boppy

Yesterday we had our 2nd newborn session with Aunt BK to get a few shots we could not get at home or outside.  During the session you were also a model for TrickyKnits.  You were a pro my love.  Brooke only had 2 blankets to wash.  And you saved a major poop until we got home.  Thank you for that.

Now the visitors are getting less and less and we are feeling more settled into somewhat of a routine with you being a newborn.  Next week is your Dad's last week off before school starts back and I am very sad.  I hope we have many hours together just as our little family of three as these days of your perfect smell, crossed eyes, bobble head, and tiny little body will be gone too soon.  We wish we could keep you like this forever but we do have big hopes and dreams for your future.

I love these toes.

I love you my pumpkin.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 5

Dear Harrison,

Today you are 5 days old...what an amazing 5 days it has been.

We are home and getting settled into our routine.  Our first night was a bit long, but we will figure it all out.  Last night was better thanks to Aunt Brooke's amazing swaddling technique.  Dad and I got more sleep and your grandmother helped take care of you.  You just woke us up twice while she was changing your diaper.  I fed you at 1am and got you out and swaddled by 135am and you slept until after 5am.  That makes your Momma happy!

Yesterday you had your first photo session with Aunt BK and you were a pro through the hours we spent posing you in the super warm rooms in our house and outside, which was your first time to take in summer air and your heard your first airplane fly over and I think you are going to love being outdoors my sweet boy. (We are sorry Brooke for soiling some of your props)

The photos can be found here.

These next photos are from your nursery.  Your Dad and I thought long and hard about your room.   The inspiration is Willie Wonka (Gene Wilder's WW) Your Dad worked so hard on the "lickable" wallpaper over your crib and the pipe shelf on the wall above your dresser.  Every detail we talked over the 9 months you were growing in my belly and we are thrilled to have you finally in the place you will sleep, grow, and poop!  We think you will grow to love it.

Thank you sweet little man for coming into our lives.  My life changed on 08.10.12.  (I promise to tell you more about that day soon)  Also thank you showing me a love that makes me want to smile, cry and boast so proudly...the love of my little family.  Watching your Dad these first days of your life have brought out a fierce love.  I am forever grateful to you for showing me that.  I promise to love you always and show you, in the way I love your father, how wonderful life is.  I pray you have this one day and so much more (but not until you are at least 30!)

Until next time, your Dad and I will be loving you more than we thought possible.  You have us wrapped around your little finger.

I love you,

**Thank you everyone for your love, support and well wishes.  I have many emails to answer and I promise to answer them all soon.

Friday, August 10, 2012

It's a...


Harrison Thames


8.6oz   20.5 in


Candace, Lee, and Harrison are resting, doing great, and so thankful for all of the love and well wishes! I'm sure CC will be back soon to tell her version of this story, but for now here is my account of this most perfect day.



Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 40: Pumpkin

Yesterday marked 40 weeks of pregnancy...40 weeks of growing a human and preparing for becoming a mom.  It absolutely flew by!!

 Tomorrow we get to meet Baby C.  I am feeling many different emotions today.  Luckily I had work to distract me in between good luck emails, instant messages, web calls and phone calls.  I am feeling very loved.  The support I have gotten throughout this special time has been amazing.  I am so blessed.

Finally, on the last pregnant entry, my husband made the blog.  He's not a fan of the camera, but I appreciate him humoring me.  

I've thought about what I might say in this last post before Cash's arrival and I wish I had something moving and inspiring to write.  I never knew what this time in my life might feel like.  I honestly am still not sure what I am feeling besides being very anxious.

I know many of you cannot wait to know the gender and name.  I have my feeling on the gender but I am looking the most forward to seeing the little person we created.  Taking in their tiny breaths and their sweet smell.  Knowing what love at first sight feels like.  Learning a new life lesson by becoming a family of three.  Ever growing and changing...and always loving with all of my heart.

There will be more to come in the next weeks from the talented Brooke Kelly (there will be a newborn in our photos!!) and some snapshots from me.  I am pretty sure Cash is going to know the camera. :)

I have loved sharing the pregnancy journey with you (even if we have never met).
Until tomorrow...

much much love~


**I never thought we would find a pumpkin in August.  Thankfully my garden flourished with them this year!!