Friday, December 28, 2012

19 Weeks

Oh my sweet little man.

This last week you experienced your first Christmas...

On Christmas Eve, we always go to my Grandmother's house.  I call her Grandmommie but I am thinking you will call her Ruby.  I don't want you confused with too many Grand/momma names.  Plus I like the idea of you calling her Ruby.  It is normally what your Uncle Matthew and I call her and it suits her.  I think she would be ok with any name you call her.

We typically have lunch, play games and then open presents.  It's an all day affair.  This year you received the biggest present there.  Your Papa Coach found something he just had to buy for you.  Your great-grandfather is the cheapest man I know but I guess for you it did not matter.  He was dying all day to reveal your present...your first wagon.  It is HUGE.  The colors are green and yellow because he is a John Deer fan.  It even has real rubber tires.  We will have fun wheeling you around once the weather is nicer.

 After our day at Ruby's, we went home to get ready for Santa.  I bought your Dad a copy of The Night Before Christmas to start reading to you every Christmas Eve night.

We laid out cookies and milk for Santa and went to sleep...

Christmas morning, you woke your normal feeding time and after you were full and your Dad and I had filled each others stockings we went to see what Santa left for you.  You got a Jumperoo and you love it.  You checked it out and after a few times you are a little jumping pro!  You got a few other small gifts too and stocking stuffers from your Dad and I.

First pair of Chucks
Your "cousin" Andi

 After opening our gifts at home, we went to Grand's for Christmas breakfast.  We began this tradition years ago once Uncle Matthew and I were out of the nest.  We have our special breakfast casserole and then open gifts.  This year I started a tradition in honor of your first Christmas...I gave everyone pajama pants and we wore them all day.  A great and comfortable tradition.  Each year it will be passed around to buy for one another.

Your first UT hat from your Uncle.  Yes it made me cry. 

 Today you received your special present from Dad and I.  I know it was not on Christmas Day but I will do better in the coming years.  We are starting you a train set for you to have one day when you are old enough to appreciate it.  It is something we hope you love one day...

Thank you for making Christmas more meaningful and magical.  I got all I want for Christmas...YOU.

I love you,

Friday, December 21, 2012

18 Weeks

My dearest boy,

It is the time of year when we are busy getting in last snuggles with friends and taking in every ounce of holiday we can.  We carried on this past week doing more Christmas activities and your 4 month check up.

The doc was happy with your progress my growing boy.

Wrapping presents.


You painted the dark green and the yellow "star" on our loose interpretation of a Christmas tree.

BFFs and their babies night of fun!!

We attended Averie's first dance recital.  We all left there with happy hearts and feeling proud of Miss A.  You did wonderful during the entire show even if the other groups performed to really bad hip hop Christmas music.

We also have some amazing news!!  I am going to have a sister and you are going to have an new Aunt.  Your Uncle Matthew turned 30 and proposed to his love, Jenny.  We are thrilled to death to welcome her into our family.  It is wonderful to see my "little" brother all grown up and finding his way in the world.  I am so very proud of him and the man he has grown to be.  He will be the best role model for you and will be there for you always.  He has a heart of gold.

You also met your UK BFF.  Our dear friends Jen and Drew are visiting for the holidays and we had some quality time with them.  Just having a few hours to spend with them makes it even more real that your Dad and I miss the UK.  We truly left part of our hearts there.

You also played with your US BF, Hess.  He is your Momma's high school best friend's little one.  After some years apart with college, distance, etc.  we are back in contact and now we have little boys!  We made some cookies for Santa.  Next year you can really make a mess with Hess :)

This weekend kicks off Christmas.  Tonight we are having Christmas with your Dad's family and then the start of the week our first Christmas as a family of three.  I am beyond thrilled that we have Christmas night all for us.  You will probably be worn out but that is ok my sweet.  You have many years to enjoy Christmas.  You are still so very little and will have no idea what the day is.  Now Santa will still visit you and as the years pass you will start to have your Christmas lists but you currently want for nothing.  You have shelter, clothes, a warm bed, parents that love you, and enough toys for you to enjoy.  I pray one day you learn the true meaning of Christmas and it is not about how many presents you get or how much they cost.  I want you to find the value in giving to others and being happy and thankful for what you have.  I promise your Dad and I will not let a milestone go by without you having some things you want and things that will make you a smarter more well rounded kid.    And to save for your college :)

Speaking of rolled over this week!!

I love you beyond measure.


Monday, December 10, 2012

4 Months

Hi my little man...

December is here and we are loving so many things right now.

Picking our first Christmas tree as a family of 3.

 Decorating our home and you have your own little tree in your room.

Watching Bing sing White Christmas.

Mailing our Christmas card and your Christmas card debut (not posting it yet because I am pretty sure some of them have not made it to their destination yet)

Reading your first Christmas story.

Attempting a Christmas craft.

Playing under the Christmas tree.

Having your picture made with Santa.

And successfully making  a Christmas craft.

Besides the holidays there are other little things we are enjoying.

Your new "speak".  You use it when you are frustrated.  It was kind of strange the first time I heard it but I am used to it now.

You want to feed yourself.  I let you do what you can.  I want you to be independent.

Your hand coordination has improved greatly.  You love playing even more now either on your play mat or in the exerciser.  You let me know when you are done and ready to sit in your bouncy seat to get calm and ready for a nap.

You have started to rub your eyes when you are sleepy.  It's so cute.

You are growing, growing, growing and it is the best!  When I look in your crib sometimes you do not look like a baby...I see my little boy.

You smile at everyone.  So far you have not met anyone that makes you cry.  I don't think you are to the age yet to understand who strangers are.

You are the best little shopper ever.  We have taken many trips since your birth and they are increased over the last few weeks with Christmas upon us.  You seem to really like it too.  Momma LOVES that!! :)

Tomorrow you have your 4 month check up at the doc.

This week we have more Christmasy things to do and a special birthday to celebrate.  More on that next week...

I love you more and more and more each day.