Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week 33: Pineapple

This week was a pretty busy week compared to my normal fairly scheduled weeks.  The in-laws arrived on Tuesday and we spent some nice quality time with them.  My mother in law has been knitting some adorable things for Cash and it was great to see that even my father in law is excited.  They say the apple does not fall too far from the tree and this is the case for my husband and father in law.  I am reminded when they visit just how much alike they are.  Guess we will see if Cash is the same.  But I do hope the baby gets some of me in them, I’m not all that bad ;)

I had a check up with the doc this week, unfortunately after a night of eating too much at Amerigo.  So the morning of my appointment I was retaining fluid.  I have a gained a total of 23 lbs and measuring 33 ½ cm.  Dr. E said “You’re doing good kiddo”  I just love her and her matter of fact-ness.  We also had a lake talk.  She told me not to jump in or ride in a speed boat hitting wakes too hard as it could hurt the placenta.  So when we go I will take it easy.  My next visit with her (I have to see a partner next time) she said she will do an ultrasound if Cash is still breech just to check things out.  All and all she said we are just playing the waiting game now and hope baby cooks a bit longer.

Friday night I have an enjoyable evening with the in-laws working on the husband's blown out tire...even though I watched the Jeep almost roll on top of my father-in-law it was a pretty fun night.  Even if I had to pee on the side of the interstate with my mother-in-law holding a blanket so cars driving up the on ramp would not see my preggo butt - haha.

On Saturday my best friends showered Cash and I with love...and there was so much love this day

We had so much yummy food, we made 25 onesies for Cash, guests played Bingo while I opened gifts, and we all played some baby trivia.  After all of the merriment and clean up, the ladies hung out by my mom's pool for the rest of the afternoon.  I do love me some spaghetti sauce!! ;)

I have the most generous friends and family.  There are no words to express my gratitude.  BK and JM...thank you from the bottom of my heart for the best day!  Everything was PERFECT.

Well back to watching the hubs put together baby items...happy day :)


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week 32: Jicama

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dad's out there...

Fatherhood...something my love is close to embarking on.  I cannot wait to see him transform to the most wonderful father. I know he has so many hopes and dreams already for our child.  Things may not always be what he envisioned but if we stay connected and show Cash the life we have created together, he or she will fit right into our lives and hearts.  

This week Cash is weighing approximately 3.75 pounds (the size of a large jimaca) and is 16.7 inches long.    I'm supposed to be gaining a pound a week now and half is going to baby.

This weekend my dear friend Wendy hosted our first baby shower.  It was a bit odd to be opening gifts for a baby to be honest and even more strange to bring them home and put them away.  I have sippy cups in my pantry.  Weird.  

The shower was full of sweet friends I have not seen in too long and friends I see every weekday.  We stuffed ourselves on breakfast goodies and everyone made predictions on sex, birth date, weight and length of Cash.  I think some of my friends want to hurt me with a huge and long baby - haha.  It was fun to hear all of the predictions and girl was the most popular choice.  Guess we will find out soon.

Well, back to cleaning for the arrival of my in-laws for the week.

Much love,

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 31: Four Oranges

This week I celebrated 33 years of my life…and it was a good week.

My celebrations started Monday with lunch with one of my dear friends, Tuesday I had lunch with my dad (and Cash received his/her first UT outfit – yay!), on Wednesday I had lunch with another dear friend, and Thursday (on my actual birthday) I celebrated with an appointment with Dr. E….more on that below.  I also received my favorite cupcakes and a beautiful orchid from my dear friends at work.  Thursday night I celebrated with my sweet husband.  Sadly that was all of our celebration because he was scheduled to work all weekend but he made up for that.  I came home from work to a dozen white roses on the counter and an iPad!!  And we went to Germantown CafĂ© for dinner.  It was delish and we had some much needed time together.  As I write this I realize it might be the last real night out just us before our life is changed with the responsibility of a newborn and I am pretty sure between and iPad and my new 50mm lens for my SLR that I will not be getting any more extravagant gifts from the hubby for a long while…at least not the monetary kind.

Friday I had a prenatal massage and went shopping with my mom, Saturday I had pool time with some of my girls, and on Sunday I got to spend some time with my family including little brother.  He had not seen me since December so I am sure my growth was a change, but I am so glad to feel the belly.  I cannot wait to see him with Cash - he is going to make a great uncle, that is if he moves back to TN!  

My check-up with Dr. E went great.  Pretty quick and easy.  I had gained 1 pound from last visit and measured 1 centimeter larger – so a total of 19 lbs and 32 cm.  She is happy with my progress.  After the C-section discussion at our birthing class I did mention to her that 30% of births are C-sections now days.  She said she thought that it was high and they are now putting more of an emphasis on this fact.  From her deliveries of the past 1.5 years, her C-Section rate is 35% but 19% for first time moms.  I am happy she is open to discussing this and her view of C-Sections is to perform them only when is best for mom and baby.  We did discuss when Cash being breech is an issue.  She said at 37 weeks if Cash had not turned we would evaluate our next steps.  Right now I think Cash is just comfortable with his/her position.  I wouldn’t want to be head down that long either!! 

Thanks to all for your support from all across the globe – I am happy to say it has been a much better week and my emotions seem to be more in control.  I hope I have found my own way of coping with them.  I hate to feel needy but the extra love and support makes a huge difference when you do not feel yourself and you doubt the kind of person, wife, friend, daughter, sister you are and doubt what you contribute to the lives’ of the ones you love.

Eat some oranges this week ;)


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 30: Cabbage

They say pregnancy brings out hormones.  Until this point I have felt in control of mine but this week it has not been going so well.  As Cash is continuing to grow, (weighing in at approximately 3 pounds) I find my emotions are running high especially at home.  I’m afraid if I don’t get control I might cause my husband to avoid me over the next 10 weeks - haha

As the weeks go by and the arrival is getting closer I do have doubts running through my mind – Was this the best time for us to start a family?  Am I ready to be a mother?  Will life ever be normal again?  Will my body ever be normal again?  Will I become this child obsessed mom that drives everyone crazy?  Will our marriage be strained by adding a little one to our family?  Will our friends still want to be around us with a child?  - I pray whatever is causing these doubts works itself out soon or I am going to avoid myself for the rest of my pregnancy…

This weekend we went to our childbirth class.  I did not have any expectations but hoped it would not be a bunch of videos to watch.  I can watch videos at home for free.  Well we did watch quite a few videos.  All and all I enjoyed the class.  I liked visiting the labor and delivery floor so I could wrap my head around where we would be going and how things would be set up.  I also enjoyed some of the relaxation parts, it was nice to be sitting pretty much wrapped up by my husband and just concentrating on breathing.  And although he knows how to give a great massage, there were a few areas he would should to concentrate on that felt wonderful.  Also the infant care was informative, although I am sure they will go over all of it again after the baby is born but it's nice to wrap your head around it now (as well as other things from class) since at the time of delivery emotions will be high and we just might forget it all.

Fun side note about class is there were 10 couples - 5 boys, 4 girls, and one unknown...we would have made it a tie to tipped to scales to boy being the clear winner ;)

After class on Saturday we were starving.  We went downtown to grab an early dinner at South Street. It was a gorgeous afternoon to spend just enjoying each other.  I pray times like these do not go away after Cash is here.  I do not want to be the kind of mother that my whole world revolves around my child.  I believe with all of my heart that a child is second to growing a happy and healthy marriage.  A child can sense unhappiness and any discord would not be good for a family.  So we will be having more nights like this...

After dinner we went to watch my hubby's old band play.  It was great to see them, but one piece was missing from the stage...hopefully he can play with them again soon.  It was fun to be out in the crowd dancing and singing along with the hubs and having Cash enjoy his/her first rock show :) 

Hope all is great in all of your lives...enjoy the nice weather and the ones you love.

Much love,