Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 25: Rutabaga

I must start by saying rutabagas are not pretty vegetables.  I have never eaten one so I cannot comment on their tastiness... 

I have been having some gall bladder issues.  I will be discussing them with my doctor this coming week at my visit and until then I am trying to determine the trigger of the flare ups.  Sadly from some of my diet changes, I think the issues are mostly related to spicy foods.  Besides breakfast almost every other meal is spicy.  This leads some people to believe that Cash will be bald.  Maybe this is supposed to comfort me in my time of need ;) haha

This week I made a date with my husband.  Friday we had a nice meal at a local Italian restaurant, walked the square in the Boro, ventured into a cigar store, had some Marble Slab and went to see Hunger Games.  It was a much needed night out followed by not waking up to an alarm on Saturday.  We woke up mostly due to my bladder and Cash being ready to go.  We laid in bed awhile just watching the movements.  What a sweet way to start the day.

After we pulled ourselves out of bed, we planted the garden and I had another date with Cash's godmother.  We had lunch, did some antique shopping, hit a few nurseries, and had some frozen yogurt.  It was another much needed date, followed by another one today at Arrington with my ladies.  It was hot but a beautiful day (compared to Monday's forecast of rain)  And after hanging out for 3 1/ 2 hours we drove around to find a location for this week's shoot.  Locations are getting tougher...but still look forward to each week.  

Hope you have a fantastic week.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week 24: Corn

This week Baby C is approximately 12 inches long and I can vouch for that.  Besides the growing bump, Cash (nickname given by H3) is moving limbs.  I got to watch in awe of this the other night.  Sadly the hubby was not home to witness.  Even if the movements were more alien like, I know he would have been thrilled.  He has been feeling movements for weeks now and each time he gives a "ooo" when he feels one.  It is so cute and does not get old.

I'm not sure if it is the weather or growing a human, but this week I have been tired and a bit blah.  I've had a few more naps than normal, been stressed a few days because of work, feeling guilty for missing the gym, not getting enough housework done, and not eating as healthy as I should (I had Cracker Barrel twice this weekend)  Thanks to the hubs we did plant new things in the flower bed and this made me feel more accomplished even if I didn't do anything.  

Now if it could please warm back up so we could plant the garden...

I realized this week, that in 16 weeks (give or take) our little one will be here.  I have to admit this scares the crap out of me and makes me excited at the same time.  I'm feeling anxious over this fact.  Being pregnant has been great and I know I have a ways to go, but time has been flying and soon I will be holding a little person that we created.  I will have to learn how to be a mom.  I do not take that good of care of on Earth I am going to be able to do this?  

Hopefully I am capable enough not to totally screw it up.

I've given myself a goal to get the nursery set up by the beginning of June.  We have all of our ideas mapped out and now we just need to execute them.  The hubs has been working so hard on it and I cannot wait to reveal the finished product.  If we can make the goal, then the rest of the summer will be just getting the room organized with essentials/gifts from baby showers and just waiting the arrival of Baby Cash.  

I'm envisioning waiting many a day laying in the pool :) haha

Thanks for reading.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 23: Mango

If the mango is confusing to you don't worry, it's confusing me too.  This week's comparison is based on weight, which is a still about a pound...I don't make these up and I am just happy to follow along.

I got to carry into my week more time with the Huddleston 3.  Jen and I tried to enjoy pedicures together but instead had coffee and much needed girl time.  It was like we hadn't been apart all of these months.  Then the hubby and I had some more time with them one evening.  It was like old times, minus it wasn't in London, an adorable baby boy was present, and I have grown a belly.  In just the few precious moments I have been able to spend with our sweet friends just reminds me of how much my heart is still in the UK.  

But back here in TN we have a home to love and care for. We have been doing Spring maintenance to the outside.  The garden is almost ready for planting once our earthworms arrive.  The garden is prepared much earlier than last year and this makes me happy...we also mulched the flower beds and just need a few shrubs and flowers.   We are looking good compared to the mess that was our flower beds when we arrived back from the UK last May.  

I encountered my first stranger wanting to rub my belly in Kroger yesterday.  I had just finished my much needed pedicure and decided to do my shopping for the week.  I was ending my trip in the nut aisle when this woman said, "You look like you are having a baby" I turned around to expect to see someone I know.  Nope just a woman on a motorized cart.  She asked when I was due and asked if I knew what I was having.  She was so excited we are keeping it a surprise, then she stuck out her hands and said "Can I rub your belly?"  Really, what choice did I have?  I definitely do not have an issue with belly rubbing and she said it was good luck.  Glad I was alone.  The hubs might have told her to back off - haha.

I spent this afternoon with my BFF and we said our goodbyes to the H3 at a shower honoring little Peanut.  I thought I was going to make it without a tear, but in true Candace fashion I lost it witnessing a beautiful moment with the new family.  It was amazing to have you so close - love you guys so much.

Please come home soon.  Peanut and Cash need some playdates!

Time is bladder has lost some control while sneezing...and I am itchy from the tall grass ;)

Much Love,

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 22: Spaghetti Squash

Baby C is weighing in this week at approximately 1 pound.  Or the size of a spaghetti squash.  
It's kind of fitting that it looks like a giant egg :)

This week started off with a sore back from doing yard work, but after a night off of the gym and sitting on a heating pad I was back to almost normal.  ~  I had a check up with another OB in my doc's office.  I didn't really like her but it was good to know the baby is good.  Next visit is the glucose test.  ~  We booked our childbirth class for the first weekend in June.  And after watching a very up close and personal birthing video the other day, I might be trying to get out of watching whatever they show in class.  ~  Our dear friends Jen and Drew are in town visiting from London with their adorable little Peanut.  We had a birthday gathering for Drew at our home with his family and some friends in attendance.  It was surreal having them here...hopefully we will have more time with them during their visit.  Oh I have missed them.  And thanks again you guys for the precious gifts for Baby C - and the Monmouth coffee.  It was a great way to start my Easter with one of my favorite things from the UK.  ~  In preparation for the party we did some running around Saturday morning, which included a dump run, trip to Home Depot, my first visit to a laundry mat, picking up some blueberry plants and herbs, and dropping the dogs off to get groomed.  I was not sure this needed to be a priority, but the pups looks awesome!!  I hope they dig their short cut for summer.

Normally on Easter Sunday I would be having lunch with my family but the grandparents went out of town this year.  The Kelly's were gracious enough to have me along to their family lunch since I was home alone.  It's nice to be adopted by such wonderful people.  Montezuma pie for Easter...YUM (however I still think PK makes it better - sorry Lesly)

I hope you all had a blessed day with people you love...I know I did.

Happy Easter!


**So happy I got an Easter basket from the hubby this evening...Reese Eggs are the way to my heart ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 21: Carrot

The sun it out. Yay.  I love the sun and I am hoping the little human I am growing loves it too.  When it shines I smile more and see the world as a happier place.  It is already pretty hot and maybe in a few months I will be writing how much I hate the sun and heat but I'll just chalk that up to hormones ;)

This week we met two pediatricians.  The one we currently like the best looks like Quentin Tarantino.  He took about 20-30 minutes to chat with us.  He won me over with his views on me bottle feeding instead of breastfeeding.  Glad to know he won't judge me.  He was very matter of fact and easy to communicate with.  He said there is no book that has all the answers and we will just work together on any given issue as they arrive.  He has a MD not a GOD. ~ We had the hubby's vehicle is repaired and now mine has something electrical going on.  What we thought was an easy low beam light bulb replacement of course turns into something else.  Hopefully, if I get pulled over for a headlight out they will have some sympathy for a pregnant woman - haha. ~ We had plans this weekend to go to Cheekwood with Baby C's godparents, but this was ruined by the fact Cheekwood wanted to charge us to get in before we bought a thing.  Yeah I would rather take my $30 to the local nursery than give it to them.  So we did.  We bought a Oshio-Beni Japanese Maple for our front flower bed.  So excited about it!

Another family with the same due date as Baby C's found out the sex of their second bundle of joy this week.  They had an AWESOME reveal party which was photographed by the amazing Brooke Kelly.  You should check it out here.  Congrats again you guys!!

Today is the 12th birthday of someone very dear to me.  I have spent all of these years loving this boy as my own as his mother is my bestest friend in the world.  I still remember the first time I held him and I could not stop the tears...Lord help me the day I hold my own child.

Off to my first prenatal massage.  Thanks Dan!

Have a great week.


**Thanks Janelle for letting me borrow this dress.  Do you have it in black? ;)