Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week 20: Banana

Warning - randomness ahead.

Baby C is approx 10 ½ inches from head to heel (the length of a banana). ~ Kicks make me happy.  It's by far my favorite thing about pregnancy. This week kicks were felt by Daddy C and this makes me feel over the moon.  ~ Tailbone pain has started, mostly while at work.  I’ve been trying different sitting positions, a pillow and exercise ball to help ease the pressure. ~ We have looked into birthing classes and gonna book one soon.  I hope they don't hassle us when the husband leaves the room for the birthing video.  I'm all for him being prepared but he doesn't need to see that... 

 I thought our female dog, Daisy, was being sweet to the baby this week.  She laid on my belly and looked up at me with her beautiful brown eyes.  To my dismay she only did this because the belly was in the way of getting the stick from my just eaten ice cream bar.  I have a feeling she isn’t going to love the new addition to our family.  She thinks she is #1.  Luckily we have Duke - the sweetest male dog ever.  ~ I went bowling with my ladies.  Having a baby in my belly doesn’t make me any better at bowling but at least I beat my initial score in our last game.  Haha. ~ The hubby's car is out of commission.  We are praying whatever is wrong is an easy fix or we will be car shopping ASAP.  We've been sharing a car since Friday and no way our schedules will allow for this long. ~ His computer fell of the table and the screen cracked.  We will be finding a solution to this soon as well. ~ On a good note, we were told by a random stranger at Kohl's that we were the cutest couple.  It made me blush.

Baby C got a present ~ a little tag blanket and Rubber Ducky that tells you if the bath water is too hot.  Thanks Jeni :)

Thanks for the comments following last week’s blog.  You guys are the greatest.  And those of you that read and do not comment, I appreciate your kind words, emails, texts, etc.  We are officially halfway through this journey and your continued love and support has made this an even more enjoyable experience.  The simple memories being created with each post will only continue…my cup runneth over. 

Love ~ CC

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 19: Artichoke

The bump is getting bigger and Baby C kicks are getting stronger and stronger.  I was told I was huge this week.  Now the culprit explained she meant my belly but I'm thinking can you please wait til at least July to tell me that.

 Baby C's gender predictions are at a high.  More boys guesses are going around although many of the wives tales point to girl.  My "intuition" hasn't kicked in.  I still am on the fence.  I just want a healthy baby.  I used to think this was such a stupid statement because it was always something my mom said that you have a preference but honestly I do not.  I see both as equally great but by far what weighs on my heart is their health.

This week I am loving fish tacos from Chili Burrito, lemonade, Games of Thrones, Peyton Polooza, sunny days, and belly kisses from the hubby.  I seriously crave some belly time from my love.  The moments when he touches me melt my heart.  Even if he doesn't feel connected yet to the baby, there is just something about his touch that makes us all feel like the family of 3 we are soon to be...

 I am afraid this baby thing is getting a bit over the top because it kind of consumes my thoughts.  I am so anxious and pretty sure time is going to creep by until Baby C arrives.  I just hope my excitement isn't a bit much.  I know I'm not the first woman to have a baby and certainly not the last but by God I have the right to be excited.  So strike all that about being over the top.  I don't give a you know what ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  Enjoy a Guinness for me.


P.S. I made this dress.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 18: Bell Pepper

This week was pretty great.  My hubby was on Spring Break and got to enjoy a much need break.  We were able to spend Friday and Saturday together, which is a rarity now days.  Friday started off early with our ultrasound!! :)

As some of you know, you have to go to this visit with a full bladder.  This sucks, but it is outweighed by seeing your developing baby.  Our ultrasound experience was OK.  We saw all the parts but the sex.  Baby C was sitting on it's feet and not cooperating with the tech.  She had to punch around on me to get to see the goods.  They have to look just to make sure all is normal.  We were asking questions throughout about things we were seeing and then we got to the brain.  We asked how it looked and she said the doc will talk to you about that.  I thought maybe I was being sensitive to this statement but when I was getting dressed the hubby asked when we would be seeing the doc.  He too was freaked out by this comment.  The tech sent us off with paperwork and we dissected it in the elevator.  From what I read all said normal and then I read the ovaries were normal...I was thinking I should not been looking at this.  I told the hubs, the baby has ovaries (which is not bad just did not want to know yet)  I read it again and realized, the ovaries were mine - haha.

Once we saw the doc, she read over the report .  We are both good.  I've gained 6 pounds thus far, Baby C is 9 ounces.  I'm not to do jumping jacks anymore.  I go back in 4 weeks for a routine visit.  No more ultrasounds.  She sent us off to go celebrate our good report!!  Of course, we went to Cracker Barrel.  :)

Some special pics from our visit.

We didn't share the's scary and to my hubby looks like Megatron.  But the profile is adorable.

Hope you all had a great's almost Spring!!!

CC and Baby C

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week 17: Turnip

I officially have Spring Fever...I started seeds for our vegetable garden and I ordered some English lavender this week.  March is going to be full of prep work - tilling the garden, weeding the flower beds and putting out new mulch.
I cannot wait to start digging in the yard...maybe I will plant a turnip.

My allergies are kicking it again but since we did not have much of a winter, allergy season is going to be wonderful.  I did read in my pregnancy book that congestion would be back in my life this week.  Glad to know I am on track - haha.

Baby C is approximately 5 inches this week from head to butt and moving pretty regularly.  There was lots of flutters Friday afternoon while waiting on the storms.  Some major growth is happening the next few weeks.  Kicks will be getting stronger and hopefully the husband will be able to feel some movement soon.  Experiencing all of this with the man of my words can describe how wonderful it truly is.  I am amazed daily.  I'm sure some of you know what I am talking about and I pray the rest of you are blessed with the same joy one day.

Ultrasound and checkup with the doc in the coming week...more on the next post.

Much love,