Thursday, June 20, 2013

44 Weeks

My dear little love,

Wow-wee a full and fun weekend we just had!  Our first boat trip was the most fun I've EVER had on a boat.  Our new little boat is great!  We started the day without you so you Dad could have some real fun with the boat and see what she could do!  It was great fun and we were going so fast the speed wouldn't register.  The water was like glass and perfect...

After you arrived the water sports began.  You loved watching us all wakeboard, knee board and ski.  Your Dad has the pulling of us down.  Houston showed us all out but your Grand knee boarded and skied and I did all three.  I definitely need practice so that just means we need more days on the lake.  We can't wait to get you out there one day!

You got in the lake for the first time too.  You are our little lake baby for sure!!

That night we stayed at the cabin.  We forgot the pack n play so you slept with us in the bed.  It was perfect being just the three of us!!  The next day was Father's Day and we made your Dad Star Wars pancakes...he was supposed to have more than one but only Darth Vader turned out correctly.  That's his favorite anyhow so it worked out.  Then we decided to take the boat out alone.  Definitely an awesome end to our weekend. 

I cannot wait for more lake days with you!!


This week you also enjoyed hanging by the pool.  There is nothing better than watching my bests love and play with you. 

You have tried some new foods this week and had meat for the first time. You can check chicken and salmon off the list. As well as fresh cucumbers from our garden made "Ruby-style"

Today you and Hannah played in the pool while I worked.  I think it was a nice break from the norm for you both.

Well my love, I better get ready...your Dad and I have a date tonight!  

I love you,



Nicole Elliott said...

Love the boat pictures (even though I have probably already told you this a million times!) The boat is going to give you guys tons and tons of priceless memories! I know some of my first memories are my dad taking us all out on the boat :)


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

So glad you guys had such a great time!!!!a

Jen Huddleston said...

I am constantly so proud of you. You are a complete natural. If you ever had a moment's curiosity whether you should be a momma I hope you have forgotten that now. It is clear. The answer has been clear from the moment you knew you were going to be a family of three. I admire you so stinking much.

: P

Jess Miller said...

What a beautiful family the three of you are! Love!!!