Friday, July 26, 2013

49 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

We got our rain free day on the lake my love!!! You got to ride in two different boats and you rode your first jet ski...days like this make me sooooo happy!  There maybe mishaps and delays in this process of becoming boat owners and lake goers but it is all outweighed with the good times we have been having.  And these weekends are not over...we are going to suck the marrow out of summer!!!

On Sunday we got to hang out with the H3!!  I have been anticipting their arrival for weeks months.  They have a special piece of my heart and their little one is a crazy toddler and exactly as he should be.  Well besides the fact that we do not see him enough.  If the stars align maybe one day that will change. 

I think Kenneth was pretty happy to see you and your belly button.

Soon we will make a trip to see them in London.  Oh what fun you two will have together - riding the tube, watching ducks on the canal (preferrably not throwing toys into the canal), exploring Borough Market, tasting your first Cinnamon Tree Bakery Brownie, seeing The London Eye, Big Ben, and Parliment at night and oh so much more.  I am ready to book the trip can play in the rocks and share cheddar bunnies there too. 

All week we've been preparing for our big beach trip.  In turn the garden has decided to go crazy...good thing is you got the eat your first ear of grilled corn and I canned tomatoes for the first time.  Slowly our canning is coming together.  Next is pepper jelly (hint hint Aunt Cole)

Until next week my little let's go to Florida and be beach bums. xoxo

I love you,


Nicole Elliott said...

Awww the belly button shots - haha!!
Message received about the pepper jelly! :) I wish August wasn't so busy, we need to just pick a date!

Jess Miller said...

Missing you while you're at the beach! Can't wait for you to come home!
Love you guys!

Jamie said...

HAHAH love the belly button pics! HAHAHA! Cannot believe he's so big already!!!! I still look forward to your blog weekly! Can't to see pics from your beach trip! Have a blast!