Thursday, July 11, 2013

48 Weeks

My dear Harrison,


There are weeks were I feel compelled to write a lot and share every detail of our week, but most weeks I want to keep those memories to myself.  Keep them stored away so they are all mine.  I have no doubt that you will never feel less loved and appreciated if I write you a book or write a few happenings.  Honestly I doubt my ability to create something for a sibling if your Dad and I have another baby.  This was started as a photography blog documenting your growth and for me it is still those first moments and little milestones that happen as you grow…it will not go on for much longer as I want to have another outlet to share our memories together. One that's for just us.


There are many things I could write for this past week of your life.  Your Grand and I have been working so hard preparing for your Uncle Matthew’s rehearsal dinner.  You have made Goodwill runs and been right beside us cleaning every corner.  You’ve played outside as we have painted her deck and cleaned the pool.  You have been patient and I could not ask for a better baby than you. And we could not have asked for a better rehearsal dinner night!! Everything was perfect...


You proved yourself as a great baby again on the Wedding Day.  You got ready with the girls and were with us all day.  All three of us played a special part in Matthew and Jenny’s day.  Your Dad and I sang a song during the ceremony as your Uncle’s one request besides you acting as ring bearer.  I am so proud of how well you rode down the aisle in Matthew’s old wagon.  It was an exciting night as you will most likely never be a ring bearer again.  It was perfect and you were a big hit at the wedding.  You danced in my arms until you fell asleep.  You were up WAY past your bedtime but it was worth it.


We’ve had some clean up days and took some time to relax following the wedding.  We are going to continue that this weekend on the lake and by the pool with friends as we have one of our fave families in town for a few weeks and we cannot wait to spend time with them.  Our weekends are filling up little man and it is wonderful.  It is great to have amazing friends (who also have babies) it makes the journey that much sweeter.

You bless my life beyond measure.

I love you,


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Nicole Elliott said...

He must be saying "mooo" in that last one :)
Sweet post! <3