Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 13: Peach

Happy Superbowl Sunday!!

This week there isn't too many exciting happenings to report.  I've been battling a sinus infection since Tuesday and it has about got the best of me.  I haven't had much of an appetite because I cannot taste but today I am feeling a bit better.  I actually got a decent night's sleep last night.

On Saturday, my wonderful husband and mom started painting the nursery. I'm VERY happy with how the colors look.  The crib was ordered this week and shipped!  Soon the room will start coming together.  I just have to find a antique dresser that I like.  Luckily we have 6 months :)

Another topic of the week has been the sex of our baby.  We are not finding out the sex and currently most everyone is thinking girl which apparently means I'm "ugly" - well this funk has made my nose raw and I have some breakouts going on...

I don't have any feelings on the sex yet.  I've had some negative feelings over which one I think I can handle - haha.  No matter what this little life growing inside of me is going to be just what we need to add to our family.

Thank you all for the amazing comments on last week's blog.  You make this girl feel very loved :)



Brooke Kelly Photography said...

You are so unbelieveably beautiful. More so every week... Grow, baby grow!! :) word verification was "taint" ha ha ha

Candy Howard Photography said...

Beautiful!!! You and the images!!!

Jamie said...

You are gorgeous and the pictures are amazing - as usual ;) So excited for both of you! I think I open this blog everyday looking for more! :) so HURRY and put more!!!!!

Nicole Elliott said...

The peach and the field were a great combo. Love the headband...and you definitely don't look "ugly"...ummm, what breakouts? Have you seen my face lately? lol

Phoebe said...

I open this blog everyday too! Just to see your beautiful face! I'm so glad you decided to smile in some this week! Love that smile!
and you DON'T look ugly!

randi14 said...

So I told Brooke to tell you a big Congrats but then she made the obvious suggestion to get on the blog and tell you myself so...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! That is so very exciting!! The weekly pictures documenting the baby's growth are fabulous, you like great!! Congrats again!!!

Candace said...

Thanks Ashley! Glad you told me instead of her ;) haha

Can't wait to see more pics of Hess!