Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 16: Avocado

This week I started playing around with registering and asking other mom's advice on products as the feedback on the internet gets overwhelming.  I never knew so many people would rate and leave comments on a thermometer.  Anyways, I started online and then Sat night went on into Target to add some in-store items.  I used the gun!  I like guns.

If only I could use just Pinterest as a registry...

We have the dresser officially in our home and I think it compliments the baby room nicely.  Now on to the more fun things like making the dust ruffle for the crib, finding wall decor and other knick knacks.  Pics of the room will be posted once it is complete :)

Around week 16 it is common for some women to start feeling little flutters which is the baby moving.  We were listening to my playlist at work on Monday (She's Electric by Oasis) and I am certain a flutter happened.  Can't wait to see what other music gets a reaction.  Besides my favorite tunes, I've made a playlist of scores that the hubby and I love and hope one day so does our little one.

Also this week I had to get a new bra.  The "Bra Whisperer" at Belk sized me up with a look.  I didn't believe her assessment but the bra fits and I feel more comfortable.  She did advise my next bra purchase be more matronly...

On another note, Baby C likes to either lay towards my back and the "Bump" is barely there or Baby C is front and center and the "Bump" on as you can see the "Bump" is there.  I could also be I had a smoothie right before these pics.  

Hope everything is great in all of your lives...until next week.



Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Baby movements!!! Can't wait to feel them on the outside :)

Wendy Anderson said...

Love these! The flutters are awesome and so exciting!!

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness I'm so excited for you I could cry! :) I sheepishly confess that I am almost addicted to this blog more than I am to my soaps. And since those have been taken off the air and I'm never at home to see them anyway, this blog is just what I need! ;) Love You!

Kate Andrews said...

Hang in there...most of the Mom stuff comes naturally and I have no doubt that you will be the perfect Mom!!

You seem more calm - or more rested, maybe - the last 2 posts. Maybe you are getting used to being preggo!!!

I love you to pieces and need to see you now that we both live here!!!

Love to all!!!

Phoebe said...

The "bra whisperer" that's funny!
Love the bump! Love you!

Jo Warner said...

Baby has good taste in music......that track is one of my favourites, kind of reminds me of me!!Love the green dress too :)