Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 18: Bell Pepper

This week was pretty great.  My hubby was on Spring Break and got to enjoy a much need break.  We were able to spend Friday and Saturday together, which is a rarity now days.  Friday started off early with our ultrasound!! :)

As some of you know, you have to go to this visit with a full bladder.  This sucks, but it is outweighed by seeing your developing baby.  Our ultrasound experience was OK.  We saw all the parts but the sex.  Baby C was sitting on it's feet and not cooperating with the tech.  She had to punch around on me to get to see the goods.  They have to look just to make sure all is normal.  We were asking questions throughout about things we were seeing and then we got to the brain.  We asked how it looked and she said the doc will talk to you about that.  I thought maybe I was being sensitive to this statement but when I was getting dressed the hubby asked when we would be seeing the doc.  He too was freaked out by this comment.  The tech sent us off with paperwork and we dissected it in the elevator.  From what I read all said normal and then I read the ovaries were normal...I was thinking I should not been looking at this.  I told the hubs, the baby has ovaries (which is not bad just did not want to know yet)  I read it again and realized, the ovaries were mine - haha.

Once we saw the doc, she read over the report .  We are both good.  I've gained 6 pounds thus far, Baby C is 9 ounces.  I'm not to do jumping jacks anymore.  I go back in 4 weeks for a routine visit.  No more ultrasounds.  She sent us off to go celebrate our good report!!  Of course, we went to Cracker Barrel.  :)

Some special pics from our visit.

We didn't share the's scary and to my hubby looks like Megatron.  But the profile is adorable.

Hope you all had a great's almost Spring!!!

CC and Baby C


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

I can't tell you how crazy in love I am with that baby. I can't wait to snuggle and kiss it!!! It is freaking ADORABLE. ♥

Wendy said...

Precious! So happy the viist went well! Love you guys!

Jamie said...

Love the pics as usual! So glad you had a good visit and all is well! HAHA that made me laugh about the ovaries....

Nicole Elliott said...

Love that cute profile pic...ADORABLE! Can't wait to meet that little profile and love on him or her!
Love the pepper shots - looking beautiful as always!

JilliD said...

Hola oh lovely pregnant one!
I have to confess the thought of your ultrasound tech being able to see ovaries in a baby the size of a pepper just made me and the man chuckle - a lot!!
God bless your pregnancy brain :o)
As always loving the blog, much love to you, Lee and Baby C xx

Candy Howard Photography said...

Look at that cute little profile!!!!!!