Saturday, March 17, 2012

Week 19: Artichoke

The bump is getting bigger and Baby C kicks are getting stronger and stronger.  I was told I was huge this week.  Now the culprit explained she meant my belly but I'm thinking can you please wait til at least July to tell me that.

 Baby C's gender predictions are at a high.  More boys guesses are going around although many of the wives tales point to girl.  My "intuition" hasn't kicked in.  I still am on the fence.  I just want a healthy baby.  I used to think this was such a stupid statement because it was always something my mom said that you have a preference but honestly I do not.  I see both as equally great but by far what weighs on my heart is their health.

This week I am loving fish tacos from Chili Burrito, lemonade, Games of Thrones, Peyton Polooza, sunny days, and belly kisses from the hubby.  I seriously crave some belly time from my love.  The moments when he touches me melt my heart.  Even if he doesn't feel connected yet to the baby, there is just something about his touch that makes us all feel like the family of 3 we are soon to be...

 I am afraid this baby thing is getting a bit over the top because it kind of consumes my thoughts.  I am so anxious and pretty sure time is going to creep by until Baby C arrives.  I just hope my excitement isn't a bit much.  I know I'm not the first woman to have a baby and certainly not the last but by God I have the right to be excited.  So strike all that about being over the top.  I don't give a you know what ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!  Enjoy a Guinness for me.


P.S. I made this dress.


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Over the top about your baby? No. such. thing.

You will get lots of inconsiderate comments. For some reason people don't have a filter when talking (or touching) pregnant women. And you are not huge.

Love that you and Lee get to experience this new connection. It only gets better.

LOVED feeling baby C move. Can't wait to be able to watch the belly move when (s)he gets bigger.

You're having a baby!!

karlajean77 said...

That dress is SUPER cute and that color looks great on you! Also I cannot think of anything in the world more appropriate to be over the top about! :)

Nicole Elliott said...

Cheers to being over the should be! And you deserve this happiness - don't let anyone intentionally or unintentionally take it away!

So happy I got to feel little baby C. How amazing!

Kate McAnally Andrews said...

1. You haven't even seen huge yet!
2. You look FANTASTIC!! And not at all fat.
3. Pic #2, best pic of you EVER!
4. You are totally having a girl.
5. Sooooooo glad you are soooo happy! You totally deserve it!
6. Your hair is amazing. It has always looked good, great even, but it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!
And 7. MISS YOU!!!!! Let's get together!!

Phoebe said...

I love the last picture because it really does seem like you have an artichoke in there! ;-)
I can't even explain how amazing it was to feel Baby C move on Saturday! That was amazing! Baby likes the Beatles that's a great thing! Well or twinkle twinkle little star!
I'm sorry if anyone has made you feel concerned about being uber crazy over the top excited about this time in your life because that is baloney! Be over the top, be excited, let it be the ONLY thing you talk about! I am! Since I'm the Godmother and all! I'm always looking out for cute outfits and fun books! I just can't wait!! For me the time has already flown by! I can't believe it's been 19 weeks already! But I hope it crawls for you because this is such a special time! The most special time ever!
You look gorgeous! I love your belly! I love you!

Jamie said...

I echo all the above and add that I don't think you have ever looked so great! I am happier and happier each week for you three! I'm feeling a girl, but you know my guesses are ALWAYS wrong when it comes to 50/50 so I'm going to say a boy but still think it's going to be a girl. HA! MISS YOU! Lunch in April, I can't wait to feel that baby bump!!!!