Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week 26: English Cucumber

This week Cash is approximately 14 inches long, or the length of an English cucumber.  Now this veggie I have had and do love.  I like this variety even more because it contains the word English :)

My 26 week check up was this week, including the glucose test.  The orange glucose drink was not bad but I am glad I ate an egg an hour before drinking it.  It did make me feel a bit lightheaded and nauseous and I had to stop and grab some food immediately following my appointment.

Dr. E says everything is looking good.  I have gained a total of 14 pounds, Cash's heartbeat was strong and even kicked her a two times while the doc listened, and she measured me this week for the first time.  In regards to my gallbladder, she thinks what I am doing with eliminating foods that cause the pain is the best solution.  At this time she does not see a reason for an ultrasound as they would not want to remove the gallbladder unless absolutely necessary.

I also brought up episeotomy at this visit since it was mentioned to my hubby.  Poor thing had to learn about this from an old high school friend who asked our "stance" on the subject.  I honestly have not really thought about it.  Doc said if I had a strong opinion on it she would respect my wishes but ultimately it would come down to how things look at delivery.  Her suggestion is if she sees I might rip she would prefer to cut a small amount than have me rip.  She also said in the moment most mom's are up for whatever as long as it gets the baby out...either way it will be painful but totally worth it.

My super creative hubby completed some art work in the nursery and it looks AMAZING.  I also began working on the dust ruffle for the crib and bought curtains to try in the room.  I am so excited and ready to get the rest of the room in order...we plan to work on it more this coming week.

 I am trying my best to take in every day and not rush things, but being a planner I like to think ahead and boy do I have a busy few months ahead before Cash's arrival.  The time will come soon enough and I will be blessed to experience our family becoming three with my uber talented best friend and hopefully have memories captured like the ones she documented for a family's birth this week.  

She is truly amazing!

On a side note - I finished Catching Fire (2nd book in the Hunger Game series) It's my fav of the series so far.  ~  I wish the hubs was home tonight to watch Game of Thrones but I have to patiently wait to watch on Tues night.  ~  I am so happy it rained today and I got some time with 2 of my best friends - just wish it was the 3 of us together.  ~

Happy Sunday!



Brooke Kelly Photography said...

I. CAN'T. WAIT. to meet this baby and have that experience by your side.

Cucumbers are very, very phallic. ;)

Nicole Elliott said...

Love that growing belly! Gosh, pregnancy looks so good on you!
Keep enjoying every moment!

dootsie said...

O my goodness you are really well into getting a new addition to our sweet little family. You still have a lovely glow about you an you look BEAUTIFUL. The blanket is finished... can you believe it? I am so glad I ordered 8 skeens of yarn, other wise it would not be as long as I had hoped. Still shorter than I planned.
But it is finished. love your blog, and I miss you.. Love MAMA DOOTSIE

JilliD said...

Hurrah for the English Cucumber!!!!

Brooke you have now forever ruined The English sandwich filling (shakes head sadly) ;o)

CC you continue to look fabulous.
You may well get quite the care package when our honorary English ventures to your shores week after next...

J xx

p.s. Actually, unless eaten fresh, cucumber sandwiches are absolutely rank :o)

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

LOOOOOOVE THE DRESSSSS!!!!!! You look GORGEOUS as always!!!!