Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week 25: Rutabaga

I must start by saying rutabagas are not pretty vegetables.  I have never eaten one so I cannot comment on their tastiness... 

I have been having some gall bladder issues.  I will be discussing them with my doctor this coming week at my visit and until then I am trying to determine the trigger of the flare ups.  Sadly from some of my diet changes, I think the issues are mostly related to spicy foods.  Besides breakfast almost every other meal is spicy.  This leads some people to believe that Cash will be bald.  Maybe this is supposed to comfort me in my time of need ;) haha

This week I made a date with my husband.  Friday we had a nice meal at a local Italian restaurant, walked the square in the Boro, ventured into a cigar store, had some Marble Slab and went to see Hunger Games.  It was a much needed night out followed by not waking up to an alarm on Saturday.  We woke up mostly due to my bladder and Cash being ready to go.  We laid in bed awhile just watching the movements.  What a sweet way to start the day.

After we pulled ourselves out of bed, we planted the garden and I had another date with Cash's godmother.  We had lunch, did some antique shopping, hit a few nurseries, and had some frozen yogurt.  It was another much needed date, followed by another one today at Arrington with my ladies.  It was hot but a beautiful day (compared to Monday's forecast of rain)  And after hanging out for 3 1/ 2 hours we drove around to find a location for this week's shoot.  Locations are getting tougher...but still look forward to each week.  

Hope you have a fantastic week.



dootsie said...

O Candace you look so beautiful, and I can't wait every monday morning to see the next chapter on Cash???
I am once again burning up the knitting needles finishing up the white blanket. I am so excited to see the nursery and our new baby... love you so much Moma Dootsie

Jamie said...

:) You have no idea how happy these make me every Monday! :) You look beautiful as ever! I can't wait to see you and baby Cash bump next week!!!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Your bump made that rutabaga much more appealing ;)

Jo Warner said...

Helloo Sweetie! You look fab this week as normal! Very excited that Kristine will see you in a couple of weeks, she will have gifts for you! This week your blog has been very educational. I have learnt that just as a Courgette is a Zucchini, and an Aubergine is an Eggplant a Swede is a Rutabaga!! I think I'll start calling them Rutabaga's now as it's a way cooler name!! I am surprised and ashamed that you never had one while you were here, mashed Swede and Carrot with butter is very popular with a roast dinner (especially in our house although I often have trouble chopping them as they are way hard!!). They also make great soup and a good ingredient in a winter stew. I love them and along with the Brussels Sprout they are my favourite veg!! Many people think this makes me a bit strange, but I think you already knew that :) Have a good week with baby and I hope to learn something from your blog next week :) xx

Nicole Elliott said...

You make the rutabaga look good. LOve the dress and you are looking fabulous. Miss you!