Sunday, June 10, 2012

Week 31: Four Oranges

This week I celebrated 33 years of my life…and it was a good week.

My celebrations started Monday with lunch with one of my dear friends, Tuesday I had lunch with my dad (and Cash received his/her first UT outfit – yay!), on Wednesday I had lunch with another dear friend, and Thursday (on my actual birthday) I celebrated with an appointment with Dr. E….more on that below.  I also received my favorite cupcakes and a beautiful orchid from my dear friends at work.  Thursday night I celebrated with my sweet husband.  Sadly that was all of our celebration because he was scheduled to work all weekend but he made up for that.  I came home from work to a dozen white roses on the counter and an iPad!!  And we went to Germantown Café for dinner.  It was delish and we had some much needed time together.  As I write this I realize it might be the last real night out just us before our life is changed with the responsibility of a newborn and I am pretty sure between and iPad and my new 50mm lens for my SLR that I will not be getting any more extravagant gifts from the hubby for a long while…at least not the monetary kind.

Friday I had a prenatal massage and went shopping with my mom, Saturday I had pool time with some of my girls, and on Sunday I got to spend some time with my family including little brother.  He had not seen me since December so I am sure my growth was a change, but I am so glad to feel the belly.  I cannot wait to see him with Cash - he is going to make a great uncle, that is if he moves back to TN!  

My check-up with Dr. E went great.  Pretty quick and easy.  I had gained 1 pound from last visit and measured 1 centimeter larger – so a total of 19 lbs and 32 cm.  She is happy with my progress.  After the C-section discussion at our birthing class I did mention to her that 30% of births are C-sections now days.  She said she thought that it was high and they are now putting more of an emphasis on this fact.  From her deliveries of the past 1.5 years, her C-Section rate is 35% but 19% for first time moms.  I am happy she is open to discussing this and her view of C-Sections is to perform them only when is best for mom and baby.  We did discuss when Cash being breech is an issue.  She said at 37 weeks if Cash had not turned we would evaluate our next steps.  Right now I think Cash is just comfortable with his/her position.  I wouldn’t want to be head down that long either!! 

Thanks to all for your support from all across the globe – I am happy to say it has been a much better week and my emotions seem to be more in control.  I hope I have found my own way of coping with them.  I hate to feel needy but the extra love and support makes a huge difference when you do not feel yourself and you doubt the kind of person, wife, friend, daughter, sister you are and doubt what you contribute to the lives’ of the ones you love.

Eat some oranges this week ;)



Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Nothing but belly! You are so beautiful inside and out. I missed you so much while we were gone and am so sad I missed out on your birthday week.

I love that your doctor is so open to discussing your concerns. It's going to be here before you know it (eeeeek!)

I simply cannot wait. ♥

Jamie said...

You look so beautiful! And I hope you never again doubt the wonderful woman you are to your family, work and friends! You are everything and more! I can't wait to see you! Love ya!

Phoebe said...

You are truly without a doubt one of the best friends I have ever had in my entire life! Love you, that belly and the baby inside!!!

Wendy Anderson said...

Goregous!! Love birthday week and spending time with you and Cash! The countdown has begun! Love you my dear sweet friend :)You add so much to my life and I'm truly thankful for you each and every day!! Love you!!!