Sunday, June 3, 2012

Week 30: Cabbage

They say pregnancy brings out hormones.  Until this point I have felt in control of mine but this week it has not been going so well.  As Cash is continuing to grow, (weighing in at approximately 3 pounds) I find my emotions are running high especially at home.  I’m afraid if I don’t get control I might cause my husband to avoid me over the next 10 weeks - haha

As the weeks go by and the arrival is getting closer I do have doubts running through my mind – Was this the best time for us to start a family?  Am I ready to be a mother?  Will life ever be normal again?  Will my body ever be normal again?  Will I become this child obsessed mom that drives everyone crazy?  Will our marriage be strained by adding a little one to our family?  Will our friends still want to be around us with a child?  - I pray whatever is causing these doubts works itself out soon or I am going to avoid myself for the rest of my pregnancy…

This weekend we went to our childbirth class.  I did not have any expectations but hoped it would not be a bunch of videos to watch.  I can watch videos at home for free.  Well we did watch quite a few videos.  All and all I enjoyed the class.  I liked visiting the labor and delivery floor so I could wrap my head around where we would be going and how things would be set up.  I also enjoyed some of the relaxation parts, it was nice to be sitting pretty much wrapped up by my husband and just concentrating on breathing.  And although he knows how to give a great massage, there were a few areas he would should to concentrate on that felt wonderful.  Also the infant care was informative, although I am sure they will go over all of it again after the baby is born but it's nice to wrap your head around it now (as well as other things from class) since at the time of delivery emotions will be high and we just might forget it all.

Fun side note about class is there were 10 couples - 5 boys, 4 girls, and one unknown...we would have made it a tie to tipped to scales to boy being the clear winner ;)

After class on Saturday we were starving.  We went downtown to grab an early dinner at South Street. It was a gorgeous afternoon to spend just enjoying each other.  I pray times like these do not go away after Cash is here.  I do not want to be the kind of mother that my whole world revolves around my child.  I believe with all of my heart that a child is second to growing a happy and healthy marriage.  A child can sense unhappiness and any discord would not be good for a family.  So we will be having more nights like this...

After dinner we went to watch my hubby's old band play.  It was great to see them, but one piece was missing from the stage...hopefully he can play with them again soon.  It was fun to be out in the crowd dancing and singing along with the hubs and having Cash enjoy his/her first rock show :) 

Hope all is great in all of your lives...enjoy the nice weather and the ones you love.

Much love,


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

All completely normal thoughts. All completely normal doubts. You will find your new " normal." it will be difficult at times, utterly blissful at others, and you, Lee, and Cash will find your own groove for your family. Things will change, but change is what helps us evolve.

You are going to adjust. You are going to be a wonderful mother.

Love you.

I'm sitting on the beach posting this by the way ;)

Nicole Elliott said...

You guys will be a fun family of 3...I'm sure of it. As Brooke said, you guys will find your new normal and what works for you.
Less than 10 weeks! :)

karlajean77 said...

So today at work I was doing something near my co-worker Brandon's office and I hear his phone ring and he picks up and says "Lee Coram...what's up man". Well then the library phone rang so I had to leave to get it but I came back later and turns out...Lee didn't call him, but he did MEET Lee a few months back. He just wanted to know what I would do if he said his name in front of me. Apparently when they met they somewhow discovered through old band names they both knew me. ANYWAY. Brandon and I are always trying to 'prank' one another so he was just seeing if he could get a rise out of me. So then we spent about 20 min talking about you and Lee! :) So anyway long story to say I was thinking about you both today! Hope you are look awesome, as you have every week! I am excited for you!

dootsie1 said...

I can not believe how absolutely beautiful you are in these pictures my dear Candace. I am so proud of you and your progress, through all this pregnancy. Just think pretty soon you will be able to hand me that sweet baby and you can go take a nap all alone or with your hubby. I will love rocking Cash at any time of the day or night for you. A reminder, little babies don't last long. They grow so fast and first thing you know they are gone away. Enjoy every minute of this sweet precious gift you are getting, and try to remember that when it is 3 AM in the morning and you have to get up and get a bottle or rock Cash back to sleep...HAHA.. I love you so much for giving us this wonderful blessing. Love Mama Dootsie P S HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANDACE.