Friday, February 1, 2013

24 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

I like starting these posts to you with "Dear" because that is what you very dear to me.

This week started off with us both taking trips to the doctor.  I started developing a rash and it had spread and was hurting and itching.  The doc was not sure what it really was so treated me for both contact dermatitis and shingles.  My biggest fear was having shingles but I am on the mend and the rash is close to gone.  So either way I am happy.

I took you into the doc because you have had persistent congestion for over 3 weeks at that point.  The doc thought you look great besides some drainage and sent us home with antibiotics to try and I was told to keep you away from my rash since shingles is the same virus as the chicken pox and this is something you have not had nor been vaccinated for.  I was sad because I was enjoying our bath/shower time but that can wait.

We rested as much as possible and you had started to feel better.  You are sitting up wonderfully.  You even have been sitting up in the bath all alone.  Bath time is going to start being more routine because you love splashing and playing in the bubbles.

You have enjoyed your time with Hannah and even was able to spend some time with her on her birthday.  We also got to visit with the most special ladies and kids in your life.  You loved it all...

Then cue to yesterday and you started to seem a bit worse.  Your congestion was now associated with a cough and a wheeze and you were running your first temp.  I talked to the doc and they wanted to access you first thing today.  You have RSV so we just let it run its course...they said all you need is comforting care and baby boy you will get that and more.

Get well my heart.

I love you,


Jess Miller said...

Aww sweet angel! I'm sorry he's not feeling well! That breaks my heart!
I'm so glad I was able to see him a bit this week. It wasn't nearly long enough and I didn't get to snuggle at all! I was sharing and then it was his bedtime! I'm glad we have a date planned soon and I can get some time with you both!
Many prayers for a speedy recovery!
Love you all!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Our poor boy!!! I know he will be better soon and I can't tell you how much I loved our time together the other day. Love him so very much and that giggle is the BEST.

You are a great momma!!

Nicolette Gawthrop said...

you are such a sweet mama :)

Nicole Elliott said...

He still manages to be the cutest baby ever even when he doesn't feel well. I hope he keeps feeling better and better and that cough disappears soon! xo