Friday, May 24, 2013

40 Weeks

My dearest Harrison,

Well it is've been out as long as you were in.  It's hard to imagine but just like my pregnancy, time is flying away!!

This week you've been doing so much!  We had a fun filled weekend with party after party.  You have been to "help" me get a pedicure and been to your first graduation ceremony.  One of your favorite people graduated from high school.  You loved seeing him and the whole processional you were jumping and laughing.  But once the speeches started and applause happened you lost it.  It's not like you at all to cry.  You clinged to me for your life.  So your great-grandfather took you outside for peace and quiet. 

We are so proud of Houston and know we know that you are not ready for Neyland Stadium yet.  But soon you will understand that cheering is fun cause you already have your clap and "touchdown" nailed!!

Tonight we met three other favorites.  My best friend from high school, Ashley, her son Hess and her momma.  I have not seen Mimi in years as she lives in Texas and her visits are short and jammed pack but this visit we got to see her and you loved her.  She taught you how to "bump" and you thought it was hilarious!  We met them at their favorite popsicle place in 12th South - Las Paletas.  Oh my they are wonderful...we got you a mini banana pop to try.  Pretty sure you were sold and was not happy when I took it away but you went right ahead with your dinner and bottle while I enjoyed my peanut butter popsicle dipped in Olive and Sinclair chocolate.  *yum*

Memorial Day weekend is here which means much more of fun dates like this...

I love you my sweet,


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Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Love how Hess & HT are holding arms. So cute!!