Friday, December 28, 2012

19 Weeks

Oh my sweet little man.

This last week you experienced your first Christmas...

On Christmas Eve, we always go to my Grandmother's house.  I call her Grandmommie but I am thinking you will call her Ruby.  I don't want you confused with too many Grand/momma names.  Plus I like the idea of you calling her Ruby.  It is normally what your Uncle Matthew and I call her and it suits her.  I think she would be ok with any name you call her.

We typically have lunch, play games and then open presents.  It's an all day affair.  This year you received the biggest present there.  Your Papa Coach found something he just had to buy for you.  Your great-grandfather is the cheapest man I know but I guess for you it did not matter.  He was dying all day to reveal your present...your first wagon.  It is HUGE.  The colors are green and yellow because he is a John Deer fan.  It even has real rubber tires.  We will have fun wheeling you around once the weather is nicer.

 After our day at Ruby's, we went home to get ready for Santa.  I bought your Dad a copy of The Night Before Christmas to start reading to you every Christmas Eve night.

We laid out cookies and milk for Santa and went to sleep...

Christmas morning, you woke your normal feeding time and after you were full and your Dad and I had filled each others stockings we went to see what Santa left for you.  You got a Jumperoo and you love it.  You checked it out and after a few times you are a little jumping pro!  You got a few other small gifts too and stocking stuffers from your Dad and I.

First pair of Chucks
Your "cousin" Andi

 After opening our gifts at home, we went to Grand's for Christmas breakfast.  We began this tradition years ago once Uncle Matthew and I were out of the nest.  We have our special breakfast casserole and then open gifts.  This year I started a tradition in honor of your first Christmas...I gave everyone pajama pants and we wore them all day.  A great and comfortable tradition.  Each year it will be passed around to buy for one another.

Your first UT hat from your Uncle.  Yes it made me cry. 

 Today you received your special present from Dad and I.  I know it was not on Christmas Day but I will do better in the coming years.  We are starting you a train set for you to have one day when you are old enough to appreciate it.  It is something we hope you love one day...

Thank you for making Christmas more meaningful and magical.  I got all I want for Christmas...YOU.

I love you,


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

My heart is so full of love for you guys. I am so glad HT's first Christmas was all you had wished for and more! Love the wagon from Sonny and super cute shot of him and Matthew. So.stinking. Cute


Nicole Elliott said...

Beautiful traditions! So glad your family of 3 enjoyed this holiday season.
And I loved the wagon, so cute hearing about him being adamant to buy it. Its amazing what the love a child inspires people to do and be.

Jamie said...

AW sounds like the BEST Christmas! I am so happy for you three! :)