Monday, December 10, 2012

4 Months

Hi my little man...

December is here and we are loving so many things right now.

Picking our first Christmas tree as a family of 3.

 Decorating our home and you have your own little tree in your room.

Watching Bing sing White Christmas.

Mailing our Christmas card and your Christmas card debut (not posting it yet because I am pretty sure some of them have not made it to their destination yet)

Reading your first Christmas story.

Attempting a Christmas craft.

Playing under the Christmas tree.

Having your picture made with Santa.

And successfully making  a Christmas craft.

Besides the holidays there are other little things we are enjoying.

Your new "speak".  You use it when you are frustrated.  It was kind of strange the first time I heard it but I am used to it now.

You want to feed yourself.  I let you do what you can.  I want you to be independent.

Your hand coordination has improved greatly.  You love playing even more now either on your play mat or in the exerciser.  You let me know when you are done and ready to sit in your bouncy seat to get calm and ready for a nap.

You have started to rub your eyes when you are sleepy.  It's so cute.

You are growing, growing, growing and it is the best!  When I look in your crib sometimes you do not look like a baby...I see my little boy.

You smile at everyone.  So far you have not met anyone that makes you cry.  I don't think you are to the age yet to understand who strangers are.

You are the best little shopper ever.  We have taken many trips since your birth and they are increased over the last few weeks with Christmas upon us.  You seem to really like it too.  Momma LOVES that!! :)

Tomorrow you have your 4 month check up at the doc.

This week we have more Christmasy things to do and a special birthday to celebrate.  More on that next week...

I love you more and more and more each day.



Jess Miller said...

Happy 4 months HT!
You are a great shopper! I wish I had an ornament for every time someone called you a "good baby" and one lady said, "that is one chill baby"!
So glad we got to spend some time together! Love you so much and wish you the merriest holiday of all!!!
Godmother Jess

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Family Christmas memories and traditions....*tear*

Can't wait to spend some much needed time with you guys this week!!!!!!

Nicole Elliott said...

Love all these Christmas traditions. So fun! Happy (belated) 4 months Harrison!

Jen Huddleston said...

I am so pleased he is wearing his froggy towel and just that he loves me so much. The feel of his hair on my cheek is worth a trip across the ocean. I missed this phase with my other friends' babies and I was wrong!!!

Yourmom206 said...

Got our card! How sweet you thought of us. Happy holidays!