Sunday, July 15, 2012

Week 36: Crenshaw Melon

This week Cash is approximately 6 pounds (of the weight of a crenshaw melon) and more than 18 1/2 inches long and gaining about an ounce a day now.  As you can see from my belly!!

It took a few days of the week to feel rested from last weekend...guess that is a sign of a good time!!  By mid week I was feeling rested and ready to start being productive around the house.  Thursday night we had dinner with my old boss and his awesome wife.  As always it was fun to catch up and we had a good round of what should we name Cash - but we came away empty handed in that department but full from the tasty food and good company.  Thanks again Walter and Jeni.

On Friday I had my weekly checkup with Dr. E.  I found out I tested positive for Strep B which made me feel gross until doc made me realize that she did not just tell me that I had cooties - haha. Just something to be prepared for if indeed Cash is delivered vaginally.  She brought in the ultrasound cart right off and took a look at Cash's position which I knew had not changed.  We are still breech and in a pike position, so butt down.  We discussed turning but I told her I just wanted to wait and see if a turn will happen, although she said from the pike position it will be difficult.  At this point I am over worrying about it and as the doc said, babies are so unpredictable.  As long at the end of this journey we have a healthy baby I do not care how he/she arrives...

I spent the majority of the weekend with my mom cleaning the house.  We are calling it spring cleaning although we are in the heat of summer but with the rain on Friday and Saturday it was easy to be indoors.  My little brother was also in town so we all had breakfast together before he had to be at the wedding he was in town for and the hubby had to go to work.  I know it doesn't sound like an exciting weekend and to some this might be nesting but it's pretty normal for me.  What can I say, I like to clean.

Hope you have a lovely week.



Phoebe said...

I love that dress! I also love your attitude about Cash's arrival. I think that is very healthy! So proud of you lady! Love you tons! I also think it's pretty cute that you love to clean!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

You nest every day of your life. ;)

And I agree with Jess-you have the best mind set! Baby C is going to come into this world one way or another.

Love you!

Jen Huddleston said...

Cash wants to listen to your heartbeat; how sweet is that?! I was told to spend lots of time on all fours, but I know how active you are!! Besides, Kenneth is proof enough for me that babies have their own plan despite all the preparations we make out here. One of the midwives kept telling me, "Your baby hasn't read that book."

Nicole Elliott said...

Way late comment this week, but as always you look fabulous. How do you find the cutest clothes? I love that dress. You are so glowing and I love imagining Cash in there in that pike position - how amazingly cool is that???!! Maybe he or she is a future cheerleader - lol.

Agree with all the ladies - you have a great and very healthy attitude about the birth of Cash. I'm praying for you that it will be as easy as a labor can be and a healthy Cash comes out ready to receive all the kisses and love that is waiting for him or her.

Love ya!