Sunday, July 22, 2012

Week 37: Swiss Chard

This week Cash is officially "full term" and is approximately 6 1/3 lbs and 19 in long (the length of Swiss Chard)  I cannot believe we are so close now...

We tentatively have an arrival date of little Cash…we have a C-section scheduled on Aug 10 and should be going home on Aug 13 with OUR BABY!!!

I have not dilated at all and Dr E is happy with this since Cash is still breech.  Blood pressure and weight are all good.  I’m at 30 pounds total.  She just wants me to keep up the “good work” while she is gone to the beach next week.  I will be meeting her partner next Friday and she is who is on call the weekend I will be in the hospital after the C-section.  Logistically I have not discussed anything with the doc on how everything goes down.  There is always a chance Cash will not want to wait until this day.  But I do know that no one is holding the baby besides the hubby (and any nurses/docs) before I do!!  I know I will be groggy for a while so I am not sure how long this all will last but everyone has waited this long, they can wait a few more hours while I come out of surgery and we have time as a family.  I don't want to have to call Bert ;)

Now is the “relax and wait” time of pregnancy.  I feel “ready” in the sense the house is in good order thanks to my mom’s help.  It will definitely be nice to come home from the hospital to a clean house.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed of the idea of bringing home the baby but I think we can handle it.  I am looking forward to having the hubby on a break from school for 16 days before he starts his fall semester.  It will be a great time for the 3 of us to be together without distractions.  

My weekend was pretty relaxing.  Friday evening started with a massage and mom and I did a bit of cleaning but nothing too strenuous for me.  Saturday the hubby and I slept in, went to breakfast, ran some errands for the nursery and did a bit of housework before we sat on the couch together before his weekend of working.  I couldn't get enough that I went and had lunch with him today even though I was tired and it was a bit of a drive just for lunch.  But he is so worth it...just taking in all the moments I can.

I hope you found some moments with someone you love this weekend.



Brooke Kelly Photography said...

This entry made me laugh out loud. ;)

I loved my time with you today and I'm beyond ecstatic for you and Lee!! You should have plenty of time with just the three of you as you all fine your groove as a new family. Be honest to everyone around you when you aren't up for visitors and reach out when you need to. Everyone will understand and if they don't--too bad.

I.can't.wait. Holy crap--you're having a baby!!!!!!!!

Candy Howard Photography said...

Gorgeous as always! And you'll be alert and able to hold your wee one as soon as they are done with you! Jason was the only one who held our boys and that was while they were finishing with me. And not that you want a c-section, but one positive thing is, at least at our hospital, is that you HAVE to stay in the recovery room for a good while, and the only one allowed in is daddy-o. It was nice to have a little mandated cocoon with just the three of us for a while. Enjoy your home stretch! So excited for you guys!

missy said...

I am beyond excited, and happy for you both! I cannot wait to hold your little miracle and snuggle them. ;) I hope to see you both this coming Thursday night if it works for you. CC, you are glowing!!! Hugs

Nicole Elliott said...

Eeeeeeeee, I can't believe it is almost here. How freaking exciting???!!! I'm so glad you have a sense of so got this.
I really hope you get to enjoy these last few relaxing weeks.
You and Lee should take as much time as you need to connect and enjoy your family of 3. This is your family and your rules!
I can't wait to shower you all 3 with some love!

JilliD said...

I don't wish to go too Harry Potter on you but, Bloody Hell, you're actually having a baby, a little, weeny, mini leecandace!!

We are all very excited this side of the pond and eagerly await Brooke's rather lovely photos of the newborn.

Much love xxx

Candace said...

Jill I was waiting on a Merlin's that's going HP on me ;) hehe

Thanks for all of the lovely comments. You make Cash and I feel so very loved.

Jo Warner said...

Agreed, Blood Hell is more Ronald Weasley than Harry Potter!!
Good luck for your last few weeks :)
Love you!

Jo Warner said...

Ooops, meant Bloody Hell obviously :):)