Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 9

Dear Harrison,

You have had a busy last few days.

We visited your pediatrician this week when you were 6 days old. You passed your visit with flying colors.  You were down only 5 ounces from your birth weight and the doc was happy to report you are not jaundice.  But we knew your coloring was beautiful already.  We will go back when you are 2 months old.

With Dr. Bigham aka Quentin Tarantino

After your trip to the doc, we went to visit your friend Cadence at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  She shared your due date and was born 08.02.12.  And I am happy to report she is finally home. So happy for you Jenny and Erik to be home with your precious little girls.

Riding in the car

That same evening you had a major spit up incident and scared your Momma and made her cry for over an hour.  Your Dad asked what am I going to do when he gets his heart broken.  My response to that was kick the girls butt or write her a strongly worded letter.  I'm not too concerned as you have many protectors already little man.  You are very loved.

Later that same night you endured your first Middle Tennessee thunderstorm.  You will find out they can be scary but also you can get your best sleep during one unless it's a tornado...

You love sitting and sleeping in your Boppy

Yesterday we had our 2nd newborn session with Aunt BK to get a few shots we could not get at home or outside.  During the session you were also a model for TrickyKnits.  You were a pro my love.  Brooke only had 2 blankets to wash.  And you saved a major poop until we got home.  Thank you for that.

Now the visitors are getting less and less and we are feeling more settled into somewhat of a routine with you being a newborn.  Next week is your Dad's last week off before school starts back and I am very sad.  I hope we have many hours together just as our little family of three as these days of your perfect smell, crossed eyes, bobble head, and tiny little body will be gone too soon.  We wish we could keep you like this forever but we do have big hopes and dreams for your future.

I love these toes.

I love you my pumpkin.



Brooke Kelly Photography said...

SO glad his first doctor's visit went great!! I love the toes shot (way to go on that and the boppy seat). :)

Hoping you guys continue to get settled and your family time is wonderful. Enjoy every single second because he will grow faster than you hope. And every stage has it's own awesome qualities.

I know it sucks for Lee to go back to work. Boo.

I love your little family!!

Jess Miller said...

I can't believe that your doctor actually looks just like QT! That is so cool!
Love all the new shots! He's a pro! Good thing too because there will be no shortage of cameras pointed in his direction.
I'm so glad we got to see you guys some last week! I was honored to get to spend those precious hours with you!
I know it will be tough with Lee back at school but in the long run it will be oh so worth it!
See you soon! Love you all like crazy!

Nicole Elliott said...

Thanks for letting us be a part of these first, precious weeks. And yes, Harrison does have an army of protectors that love little him to pieces.

I still feel horrible about leaving you before the "hour cry"...but you are his best protector and you are doing a great job taking care of him.

Enjoy this last week with Lee. Love you all.

Jen Huddleston said...

I am not being torn apart. My arms are not tingling. My ovaries do not ache. I am going to keep telling myself these things.

I love you three!!!

Candace said...

We love you Jen...and miss you.

Dreaming of stopping in for tea.