Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 40: Pumpkin

Yesterday marked 40 weeks of pregnancy...40 weeks of growing a human and preparing for becoming a mom.  It absolutely flew by!!

 Tomorrow we get to meet Baby C.  I am feeling many different emotions today.  Luckily I had work to distract me in between good luck emails, instant messages, web calls and phone calls.  I am feeling very loved.  The support I have gotten throughout this special time has been amazing.  I am so blessed.

Finally, on the last pregnant entry, my husband made the blog.  He's not a fan of the camera, but I appreciate him humoring me.  

I've thought about what I might say in this last post before Cash's arrival and I wish I had something moving and inspiring to write.  I never knew what this time in my life might feel like.  I honestly am still not sure what I am feeling besides being very anxious.

I know many of you cannot wait to know the gender and name.  I have my feeling on the gender but I am looking the most forward to seeing the little person we created.  Taking in their tiny breaths and their sweet smell.  Knowing what love at first sight feels like.  Learning a new life lesson by becoming a family of three.  Ever growing and changing...and always loving with all of my heart.

There will be more to come in the next weeks from the talented Brooke Kelly (there will be a newborn in our photos!!) and some snapshots from me.  I am pretty sure Cash is going to know the camera. :)

I have loved sharing the pregnancy journey with you (even if we have never met).
Until tomorrow...

much much love~


**I never thought we would find a pumpkin in August.  Thankfully my garden flourished with them this year!!  


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

As I was posting your photos tonight, I was reflecting on watching you grow (both mentally and physically) through this journey. You are so ready, Candace. This baby has no idea how wonderful his/her mother is (and father too). You are such a beautiful soul and only another beautiful spirit could come from you.

Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for trusting me with this incredible story. I can't wait to be there for you in a whole new way tomorrow. Next to my wedding and the birth of my babies, it's one of my favorite days of all time already.

I love you.

Nicole Elliott said...

I'm soooooo incredibly, over the moon, excited for you. I too wish I had something profound to say to you, but alas I'm at a loss for words. I know I'm not a mother myself, but I do know this is going to be the best, most indescribable experience for you and Lee.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can not wait to shower you, Lee, and your new baby with lots of love. Just thinking about your new family of 3 makes me giddy. Love you all!!!

The Hoon's said...

Congrats Candace and Lee! You will be great parents. There is nothing like seeing your baby for the first time. It just takes your breath away. Best of luck tomorrow and we can't wait to see baby C!!

randi14 said...

OMG...tomorrow?!?! Oh me oh my, you will have a newborn baby tomorrow!!! I am SOOOO happy for you and all of your family, I cannot wait to see pictures of your family of three! You look absolutely gorgeous, can't wait to see updates!! Looking forward to gender and name!! All my love,

Nichole said...

Eeek! What an exciting breathtaking and life changing experience you and dad are about to embark on! Wishing you two beautiful people the best! I have loved loved loved reading about your journey and the Stunning pictures are just to die for! So very happy for you and lots of love! You're gonna be a mommy :)