Friday, August 31, 2012

3 weeks

Dear Harrison,

3 ways they flew and in ways time stood still in a few moments of your short little life.  I am still in awe of you and being your Momma.  You have been great and when you fuss your Dad has the magic solution to cure what ails you.  You love your Dad.

First time in the swing

Hello Handsome.

This week you had your first bath.  I ran some warm water in your little tub and got everything ready and turned the space heater on in the bathroom just to make it a tiny more warm for you.  But alas this did not make you enjoy the experience.  I washed you as fast as I could and your Dad documented the occasion and laughed.  You had another one today and it was not quite as shock to your little system.

You also "met" your Uncle Matthew this week via FaceTime.  It was sweet for my little brother to meet my little man.  I think you will become buddies once you are older.  I know he cannot wait to throw baseball with you and teach you to swing a golf club.  It is a ways off but it will be fun.

We took a few trips together this week...we dropped off some dinner for Jenny and Erik.  They are the parents to your friend Cadence.  She was fussy and hungry when we got there and you left feeling that way.  We also took a quick trip to Target to get a few essentials.  You did not get good and asleep before we got there so you just took in all the lights and sounds until you had had enough.  I took you out of your car seat and carried you around.  You were asleep before we could check out.  Being a first time mom I worry about being that woman in the store with the screaming thank you for being good :o)

You have also had some tummy time, I read you The Cat in the Hat (18 pages of it as you were not entertained - haha) and you have had a few cry-it-out-because-I'm-so-tired-and-I-am-starving-again cries.  One of which made me frustrated mostly due to exhaustion and not you.  I know you cannot communicate any other way besides crying at the moment.  I am sorry if you felt my frustration even if your Dad thinks you cannot feel such things, I swear you can.  I am being better with taking naps and making sure I am in the best frame of mind for caring for you.  It does not do us any good if we are not taking care of one another.

Tonight you will "watch" your first UT game.  I'm not sure how you will take watching the game in loud surround sound but we will see...can't wait to share Neyland Stadium with you but first you have to be able to say "Go Vols!"

I love the way you hold on to your bottle, the burp cloth or my pinky finger while you eat.

And still the sleepy grin gets me every time.

I love you.



Jess Miller said...

Aww! I love that last shot, with that sweet little grin!
You're doing a great job and I'm so proud and in awe of you three!
Can't wait to hear how the first game watching goes!
I bet not too long from now he'll love bath time!
Love you guys!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Precious!!! You are all doing such a great job getting used to each other. He is changing so much. That shot of him meeting Matthew is so cute!

Love the C3.

Nicole Elliott said...

Love that tummy time shot with his mouth open. SO cute!
I hope he enjoyed the Vols game and let you guys enjoy it too :)