Monday, November 5, 2012

12 Weeks (3 days late...)

Dear Harrison,

We have been very busy my sweet boy.  We began last week with preparations for the arrival of our friends from the UK, Pip and Jill.  I worked with Jill when we lived in the UK and Dad worked with Pip at a local pub.  So there was cleaning, shopping, etc for this.  Before their arrival we early voted as well.

The night that Pip and Jill arrived was Halloween.  I picked them up from the airport and we went straight back home to dress for the evening.  I made you an outfit but you just wore it around the house that day.  Next year we will take you trick or treating to homes of people we know and will be excited to see you all dressed up!

The following day we took Pip and Jill to Cracker Barrel, Target, Cowboy boot shopping, and picked up a few last minute items for Friday night...that evening we went to dinner and to the Honky Tonks in downtown Nashville.  We called it a early night as Friday was going to be a full day.

On Friday, we had a Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Dinner Party.  This is Mexican holiday and also celebrated by many in the world but it is called All Saints Day.  On this day it is believed that loved ones visit the earth for the evening.  We invited our nearest and dearest on this night.  We asked for participation if possible.  Traditional dress is one of the greatest things about this holiday and the reason I wanted to have this party.  We love any reason for dressing up!!!  We decorated the house with Mexican flare complete with an offerenda where a loved one of choice was honored and cooked a spread of Mexican food.  Everything was lit by candle light so pics were harder to come by but the images will always be with me and we can recreate for you one day.

I think the night was a success...I cannot wait to throw parties for you!

You helped with the prep :)

The Ladies

Yes this is your Momma and Dad.
You did not see us like this...but one day you can look at pics.  I did not want to scare you.

Momma and Aunt BK (thank you for documenting the night...)
Pip and Jill

The Group

Missy won the Sugar Skull painting contest.

Saturday we woke bright a early to go to Knoxville to the UT game. It was an early game for we did not tailgate.  The game was exciting (too much for who we were playing)  UT came out with a win, Pip and Jill witnessed their first American football game, Reme was also in attendance and afterwards celebrated on The Strip.  

Sunday Pip and Jill left to go back home.  You and I took them to the airport and then we had another adventure in store.  We went to H&M in Huntsville, AL with Barb and Carol.  It was an adventure to say the least.  We started with dropping off their pup at their mom's, picked up a prescription and were on the way.  The drive is approximately an hour and 45 minutes.  We had gotten about 30 minutes into our journey and the tire pressure in Carol's car started to drop...the next exit was 7 miles.  That doesn't seem too far but it is when you are worried about having a blowout.  It was 26 psi and by the time we hit the exit it was 11 psi.  We found a gentleman at a truck stop to change it.  The spare was not a full size so we then drove back to Franklin to swap cars with Carol's boyfriend John.  It was close to your eating time now so we pulled into a parking lot to get us from food and I fed you.  We made it on the road at was smooth sailing to our destination and shopping was great. You were amazing the whole day.  You cried out a few times in dislike of the music.  It was quite humorous.  We had coffee and I fed you before we headed back home.  What a whirlwind weekend...

We now have 12 days until another set of special visitors arrive.  We have time to rest and prepare for that week.  We need much rest indeed my heart.

Until then we will just be loving you as always...


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Brooke Kelly Photography said...

What a busy--and fun week!! Hope you get some much needed rest before the next round of house guests arrive.