Saturday, November 10, 2012

3 Months

My dearest Harrison Thames,

Today marks three beautiful months of being your Momma.  People told your Dad that the first three months would be terrible and I could not disagree more.  I have loved every minute of them.  I absolutely cannot get enough of you.

I have never been so proud of something in my entire life.  I knew that would be the case the day when I met my child but you exceed all of my expectations.

Since your birth people have said...oh don't you just love being a mother?  Seriously?  Note to self to never say that to someone and of course I do.  Your Aunt Brooke (you know - your awesome photographer and my BFF) said that for one I would get all sorts of comments and advice leading up to your arrival and to just smile and nod and try not to punch them in the face.  She also said nothing anyone said could ever prepare me for motherhood.  There are so many emotions happening during pregnancy - excitement, joy, anticipation, fear, doubt, and just being scared to death.  All of these emotions are natural and beyond all of them no one on Earth can have the love and bond with you like I do.  That is the joy of being YOUR Momma.

Always remember my sweet Prince that you are my heart and my soul.

You are growing and changing each and every day...

You have went up a size in diapers and have switched to Infant more Newborn for you growing boy.  You have to be patient to feed you as to why you are about 100% fed by me.  I have no complaints. It is one of my favorite times of the day even when you spit up on me.  It's just a new accessory.

You are so close to rolling over.  I know I will leave the room and step to the kitchen and you will do it or you will do it in your sleep.  I cannot wait for this milestone and all of the fun that will come along with such a simple movement.

You have the sweetest little laugh.  It came out one day out of the blue.  I was waiting on your bottle to feed you and was pinching your legs and out it came.  It was a split second but such a glorious sound.

Your trust in me is overwhelming.  Depending on the situation your gaze does not leave mine - be it in the bath or in a strange place or with new people.  As you grow I hope you know you can always trust me.

You are mesmerized by your hands.  You do not miss an opportunity to look at them or eat them.  They are probably your favorite thing.  You also love touching my hands.  I am teaching you to "give me five" already.

You love to kick, kick, kick.  This is something I found that soothes you in the bath.  I take your legs and splash the water and say "kick, kick, kick" like a charm.  You also kick like crazy on your changing pad.  You are a strong kicker.

You love to look at yourself in the mirror.  You have one on your activity mat and you pull yourself closer and closer to the mirror.  You also like to hold conversations with yourself as well.  It is precious.

You love walks around the neighborhood with me and your Grand.  You enjoy taking in the sights and sounds.  Some of the time you fall asleep but if your Grand and I are in deep conversation you just listen.  You like to hear us talk and pretty sure besides our hair it took you awhile to realize we are not the same person.  She tries her best to take care of you like I do and fall our routine to a "T."

You are scared of loud noises - like sneezes, men playing jazz at outdoor malls, the vacuum cleaner, your Dad's singing, and a lot of other music.  Your musical taste is not currently to your Dad's liking but you have years to go through your musical phases.  You will probably go through them all.  Just praying it is not hardcore gansta rap...ha.

You travel well in small doses.  I do not think you are ready for any long journeys and I am not ready for us to spend the night away from home.  You are instantly settled in your home and in your own bed.  This is exactly how I feel about home.  That's why they say there is no place like it!

You love to look at ceiling fans and lights.  We will be taking you to Opryland Hotel during the week of Thanksgiving and I cannot wait to see your reaction to all of the Christmas lights.  You might be on sensory overload and fall asleep.  That's ok if you do.  We have many years to go and see the lights.  It is one of my favorite memories of my childhood - taking in the lights while drinking hot chocolate.

You definitely like the camera and the camera likes you.  I take at least one a day and you have even taking one of yourself.  I am certain this will continue once you know how to work the iPod or iPad on your own.  What a treat it will be to find little silly photos of you.

You love to be naked.  At first you were not a fan but you were cold since you were not inside my belly staying warm and you have to regulate your temperature on your own.  I am sure once you can take off your own clothes we will have a little streaker running through the house.

You are such a strong boy.  When I carry you you already sit nicely on my side and hold on to my arm like you just know how it is done.  The best is when both arms go around my neck.  Oh, you are going to give the best hugs.

I could go on and on about all of the little things that you do and all of the things I love and hope and dream for you but I will end with simply -

I love you.  I love you. I love you.



Brooke Kelly Photography said...

This post is so very beautiful. You are the perfect momma for HT. I love watching you light up when you are talking to him and I love the awe in his eyes as he is watching you. You two make my heart swell with love and I am so proud of the mother you are. You have fallen into this role so naturally and it's incredible to watch unfold. Love you so very, very much.

Happy 3 months my sweet, precious HT!!

Nicole Elliott said...