Friday, January 11, 2013

21 Weeks

My little one...

You are 5 months.  WOW.  Time flies when you are having fun but seems to fly even more since you have joined our lives.

I love the squeal that accompanies this grin.

We have been having a cuddling in kind of week around here.  I am on the mend from a sinus infection (story of my life...) You have had a touch of a belly ache and have some congestion but thankfully no fever - touch wood.


Tomorrow is a big day and we are breaking out the silver!  We are celebrating your Godmother and her baby Reme Lynn with a baby shower.  I hope we are able to make Jess feel as loved as she made me feel when they showered us.

Friends having babies = more fun times ahead!

Thank you for making my life sweeter...

I love you,


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

How I love that precious boy. And I very happy you have taken to using the "real" camera again. Love that shot of his lashes!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Jess Miller said...

You sure did outdo yourself little momma! RL & I felt more than showered with love! We got soaked! It was so wonderful! Thank you for everything. Harrison is so beautiful! Can't wait for him to meet his future wife or BFF!
I'm beyond blessed to have a friend like you! Words just can't describe it!
Love you!