Friday, January 18, 2013

22 Weeks

My dear growing boy,

I am amazed at how quickly you change and learn new things.  And I know this just keeps happening from other mom's experiences way too fast.  It will be the same for you but not all children are the same.  You might sit up on your own, stand on your own and walk at different times than your Dad or I did or some kid down the street and that is ok.

You are you, not anyone else.

You are rolling over all the time.  You never end a nap in the same position you started it in.

You are doing well at sitting up.  You do not have the balance just yet to sit on your own but you will soon.

You have been taking your last few baths with me and yesterday you had your first shower.  You didn't protest but I do think you like baths more.

You have been going on 4 feedings the past 3 nights.  You are eating around 8pm and going to sleep until after 630am.  So no more 10/1030pm bottle.  And today you started rice cereal.  Your doc wanted you to try rice cereal sometime before 6 months to teach you how to eat.  You ate every bite!  Now we wait until your 6 month appointment to know his suggestions for introducing real food.

You could stop growing so fast but I am loving every minute of it.

Next week we have some exciting changes coming...more on them next week.

I love you the mostest,


Jess Miller said...

More exciting changes??? Do tell! Don't make us wait!
Love that he's eating cereal! That's impressive!
Love you guys!

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Nicole Elliott said...

Exciting changes??? edge of my seat. Love seeing his sweet smile!