Friday, April 26, 2013

36 Weeks

My love,

I can happily say you are feeling yourself again.  You had many who were asking about you and how you were feeling.  We are so very loved and blessed.  

You did feel up to celebrating your Aunt Jenny at her Bridal Shower.  You were a hit of course besides your Grand making a toilet paper dress for me to wear.  It was a competition and you will learn it's no doubt we won ;o)

It was great to see Jenny showered with gifts.  I am SO glad she will be apart of our family.  We love her.

This week your Dad planted the garden from the seedlings I have grown and some seeds  we bought.  We cannot wait to feed you the fruits of our labor.  You are still eating all your fruits and veggies.  You are drinking water more too.  This makes us happy.  We have a very strong opinion on what we want going into your little body.

We had a fun evening out just you and me tonight.  We can have fun anywhere.  Thank you for brightening up my life and reminding me that no matter what my day or week might have been like I have a beautiful family.  I have a loving husband, a mom that is always there, and the best girl friends on the planet (some who are quite literally across the planet).  These people keep me centered.  You keep my head in the clouds.

I love you,