Thursday, April 11, 2013

8 Months (Part 2)

Last night we had an impromptu Mommy and Me shoot with your Aunt Brooke, Ian, Averie, Aunt Jess and Reme.  There is not much more I can say than I am beyond thrilled to have these women in your life.  We love them so much and their babies.

I could not ask for more in my life than what I have today.

You are my heart.

It was a perfect evening.  Spring is in full bloom.

First time to wear shorts :)
Waving bye-bye

Best friends make best babies.

                                      I look forward to watching you 4 grow up together.

She's gonna boss you around one day like a little Momma and it's going to be wonderful to witness...
You were practicing your raspberries for the camera

My brown eyed boys.

You are one lucky and loved little boy.

I love you,

**All photos by the amazing Brooke Kelly.**


Nicolette Gawthrop said...

So pretty! Lookin good mama! Oh, and those blossoms! And Frambly <3 <3

Jamie said...

These are so great!!!!!!!!!! :)

Nicole Elliott said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo shoot.
Him waving is too precious!!!!
I can't pick favorites because they are all so great. You look gorgeous and he is happy and handsome as always!!

Jess Miller said...

I love that our children get to grown up together! So in love with our lives, friendship and future!