Wednesday, April 10, 2013

8 Months

Happy 8 Months Harrison!!

You have been changing so much.

You love to be outside.  You are going to get your dose of outside this weekend.  We are getting the garden ready! 

You stick out your tongue and blow raspberries and you love to scream and squeal.  I egg you on most of the time.  You also wave bye bye and some of the time even say it.

You are standing more and finding your balance.  You have went from laying to sitting yesterday and no one saw how you did it.

You rode on my back in your new Ergo carrier yesterday.  We are getting used to it for quick trips to the zoo and walks in the park.  Carrying 20 pounds on my back will hopefully whip me into shape.

You enjoyed your first swinging experience over the weekend.  It was fun to swing with you.  Swinging is still one of my favorite things if I ever get the chance.

You stir every morning around 6am.  I scoop you up and bring up to bed and we snuggle for about 30 more mins.  Some mornings you doze back off and I watch you sleep.  Some mornings I want to dose back off and you talk to the ceiling fan or talk to your Dad if he is still in bed.  And the best mornings are when we both dose off together.

It's been another amazing month being your Momma.  Thank you for being my sunshine.

I love you,



Jess Miller said...

Happy birth month HT! I'm so glad I got to see you today and hear you say "Bye"! What a treat! You were sitting on the ground at one point picking up grass and I'd say "throw it" and you would!! Such a good boy!
Love, love, love you!!!
GM Jess

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Hearing him say bye, giving five, and seeing all of our babies together was so wonderful. Love that sweet boy so very, very much!!!

Nicole Elliott said...

Can't believe he is 8 months already! Loving that mohawk in the first pic ;)
ANd those swinging shots are just pure perfection. Seriously, what a joy <3