Friday, July 5, 2013

46 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

We've had another eventful week!!  We started off last weekend with a night at the zoo.  The zoo shows "Zoovies" a few nights of the summer for members.  We played with friends and rode the carousal before the movie started and we left just as it got dark enough for the movie to start.  You were asleep by the time we were to the interstate.  It will be fun when you can stay and watch but it was fun to be out with friends.

Then on Saturday we played a bit in the pool and went to a birthday party for our friend Erik.  It was at a local place that serves up tasty burgers and homemade custard.  The best part is it is by a train track.  I am pretty sure I witnessed my favorite "Harrison moment" that night.  You were in awe of the train. 

Afterwards you got to visit the cows for a little hello.

We were off bright and early on Sunday to head to the was a LONG and frustrating day.  We were on the side of the interstate for hours but we finally made it on the water to enjoy some sunshine and friends.

This week we also enjoyed watching our grass being mowed, made some blueberry jelly, and climbed stairs.   

Yesterday was the Fourth of July...America's birthday!  It was a rainy day so no pool party as per our normal celebrations but we ended up with our favorite family by the time the day was done.  I'm pretty sure they have adopted us.  You got to play with 2 littles who were born last August like you.  Cadence - Aug 2, you Aug 10 and Hudson Aug 29.  It is wild to see the differences in your development and size.  Cadence, the oldest, is rocking her walking skills.  Hudson is now scooting around and pulling up on furniture.  Soon you all will be everywhere!!! 

Now the countdown to your Uncle Matthew's wedding is on...this week will be another busy one my love. 

I love you,


Nicole Elliott said...

Still LOVE that train picture. CUTEST. THING. EVER.

Unknown said...

I love that he enjoys visiting with the cows! That cracks me up! Such a sweetheart! Love you guys!

Unknown said...

Um..."unknown" is me! Jess