Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week 23: Mango

If the mango is confusing to you don't worry, it's confusing me too.  This week's comparison is based on weight, which is a still about a pound...I don't make these up and I am just happy to follow along.

I got to carry into my week more time with the Huddleston 3.  Jen and I tried to enjoy pedicures together but instead had coffee and much needed girl time.  It was like we hadn't been apart all of these months.  Then the hubby and I had some more time with them one evening.  It was like old times, minus it wasn't in London, an adorable baby boy was present, and I have grown a belly.  In just the few precious moments I have been able to spend with our sweet friends just reminds me of how much my heart is still in the UK.  

But back here in TN we have a home to love and care for. We have been doing Spring maintenance to the outside.  The garden is almost ready for planting once our earthworms arrive.  The garden is prepared much earlier than last year and this makes me happy...we also mulched the flower beds and just need a few shrubs and flowers.   We are looking good compared to the mess that was our flower beds when we arrived back from the UK last May.  

I encountered my first stranger wanting to rub my belly in Kroger yesterday.  I had just finished my much needed pedicure and decided to do my shopping for the week.  I was ending my trip in the nut aisle when this woman said, "You look like you are having a baby" I turned around to expect to see someone I know.  Nope just a woman on a motorized cart.  She asked when I was due and asked if I knew what I was having.  She was so excited we are keeping it a surprise, then she stuck out her hands and said "Can I rub your belly?"  Really, what choice did I have?  I definitely do not have an issue with belly rubbing and she said it was good luck.  Glad I was alone.  The hubs might have told her to back off - haha.

I spent this afternoon with my BFF and we said our goodbyes to the H3 at a shower honoring little Peanut.  I thought I was going to make it without a tear, but in true Candace fashion I lost it witnessing a beautiful moment with the new family.  It was amazing to have you so close - love you guys so much.

Please come home soon.  Peanut and Cash need some playdates!

Time is bladder has lost some control while sneezing...and I am itchy from the tall grass ;)

Much Love,


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Your heart may be in the UK, but soon it will be in your arms. Location won't matter as long as that baby is with you.

I'm sorry your legs were itchy and you peed on yourself. Ba ha ha ha. Kegals!!

You losing it=me too. Love your heart. Great afternoon with the H3!

missy said...

Love this!!! We need to get together! I can't believe how quickly the baby is growing ;)

Phoebe said...

Seeing these every week makes me miss you so much. I hope that we make a point to spend more time together soon! I love and adore you all so very much! Think of you so often and my heart is with you even when my body is not!
You look amazing! You glow!

Nicole Elliott said...

I'm dying over how gorgeous these pictures are...and by that, I mean how gorgeous YOU are!
The last 3 are stunning, simply stunning!

Glad you got some time with the H3, and i hope seeing those tender family moments just makes you more excited for your new family :)

Wendy Anderson said...

Love the melon pics! You are so freakin pretty! Each week continues to amaze me and I cannot wait for you to experience holding baby C in your arms! Even I cried so I know you will sob like a baby! It's a love like no other!

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

These pictures are just beautiful ! You are gorgeous! The week by week thing you are doing is just adorable!

Jen Huddleston said...

you two are killing me with these amazing photos! I love you too. I want them to meet too. I want to be there when Cash makes the world a brighter place. We'll play it by ear... Thank you for making our trip more special for having you in it!