Sunday, April 1, 2012

Week 21: Carrot

The sun it out. Yay.  I love the sun and I am hoping the little human I am growing loves it too.  When it shines I smile more and see the world as a happier place.  It is already pretty hot and maybe in a few months I will be writing how much I hate the sun and heat but I'll just chalk that up to hormones ;)

This week we met two pediatricians.  The one we currently like the best looks like Quentin Tarantino.  He took about 20-30 minutes to chat with us.  He won me over with his views on me bottle feeding instead of breastfeeding.  Glad to know he won't judge me.  He was very matter of fact and easy to communicate with.  He said there is no book that has all the answers and we will just work together on any given issue as they arrive.  He has a MD not a GOD. ~ We had the hubby's vehicle is repaired and now mine has something electrical going on.  What we thought was an easy low beam light bulb replacement of course turns into something else.  Hopefully, if I get pulled over for a headlight out they will have some sympathy for a pregnant woman - haha. ~ We had plans this weekend to go to Cheekwood with Baby C's godparents, but this was ruined by the fact Cheekwood wanted to charge us to get in before we bought a thing.  Yeah I would rather take my $30 to the local nursery than give it to them.  So we did.  We bought a Oshio-Beni Japanese Maple for our front flower bed.  So excited about it!

Another family with the same due date as Baby C's found out the sex of their second bundle of joy this week.  They had an AWESOME reveal party which was photographed by the amazing Brooke Kelly.  You should check it out here.  Congrats again you guys!!

Today is the 12th birthday of someone very dear to me.  I have spent all of these years loving this boy as my own as his mother is my bestest friend in the world.  I still remember the first time I held him and I could not stop the tears...Lord help me the day I hold my own child.

Off to my first prenatal massage.  Thanks Dan!

Have a great week.


**Thanks Janelle for letting me borrow this dress.  Do you have it in black? ;)


Jennifer Elliott said...

Not lookingforward to another summer pregnancy! At least we get to skip August-October! :)

Kudos on possibly finding a good pediatrician. I understand the whole breast vs. bottle dilemma. G was breastfed for a couple months until my back went out and I couldn't even pick her up! I got preached to about how "breast is best." Nevermind my deteriorating spine!

I was worried to tell the pediatrician that we were switching to formula, but I remembered that Cindy (who formula-fed) had referred me to this doctor. It was comforting when the doc supported my decision and sympathized with my situation.

Hope you enjoyed the massage...SO heavenly when your body changes so much! I'll be getting mine in May when we return to Vegas :)

I need one of those pillows so I can lay on my belly!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Love the sun, don't like the heat. However, I am looking forward to many days at your mom's with you and Baby C!!

Whoop whoop for meeting pediatricians.

Ian says he loves you too and thank you again for his gift. I can't wait for you to understand that kind of love. I will boo hoo just as much as you did when you met him. Get teary just thinking about it.

I don't like carrots, but I will pretend until next week. ;)

Nicole Elliott said...

Beautiful orange dress! I hope you have a wonderful massage!

Phoebe said...

This is week 21 (heading says week 20).
So excited for you and all of these wonderful discoveries and findings! I like the idea of having QT pediatrician! Awesome! So glad I got to see you on Saturday, even if the trip was a bust!
Love you guys!

Jamie said...

Could you look any more beautiful!!!!! Love love love the dress on you!

karlajean77 said...

I thought for sure there would be an April fools twin announcement or something of the sort :) you look more and more beautiful every week Candace!