Sunday, April 8, 2012

Week 22: Spaghetti Squash

Baby C is weighing in this week at approximately 1 pound.  Or the size of a spaghetti squash.  
It's kind of fitting that it looks like a giant egg :)

This week started off with a sore back from doing yard work, but after a night off of the gym and sitting on a heating pad I was back to almost normal.  ~  I had a check up with another OB in my doc's office.  I didn't really like her but it was good to know the baby is good.  Next visit is the glucose test.  ~  We booked our childbirth class for the first weekend in June.  And after watching a very up close and personal birthing video the other day, I might be trying to get out of watching whatever they show in class.  ~  Our dear friends Jen and Drew are in town visiting from London with their adorable little Peanut.  We had a birthday gathering for Drew at our home with his family and some friends in attendance.  It was surreal having them here...hopefully we will have more time with them during their visit.  Oh I have missed them.  And thanks again you guys for the precious gifts for Baby C - and the Monmouth coffee.  It was a great way to start my Easter with one of my favorite things from the UK.  ~  In preparation for the party we did some running around Saturday morning, which included a dump run, trip to Home Depot, my first visit to a laundry mat, picking up some blueberry plants and herbs, and dropping the dogs off to get groomed.  I was not sure this needed to be a priority, but the pups looks awesome!!  I hope they dig their short cut for summer.

Normally on Easter Sunday I would be having lunch with my family but the grandparents went out of town this year.  The Kelly's were gracious enough to have me along to their family lunch since I was home alone.  It's nice to be adopted by such wonderful people.  Montezuma pie for Easter...YUM (however I still think PK makes it better - sorry Lesly)

I hope you all had a blessed day with people you love...I know I did.

Happy Easter!


**So happy I got an Easter basket from the hubby this evening...Reese Eggs are the way to my heart ;)


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Hooray for the H3 being here!!!!

Loved spending the day with you!! I am so glad Lee got you an Easter basket...I was thinking of going to get you one myself. ;)

I'm not sure how you keep looking more radiant. Most beautiful preggo ever. ♥

Nicole Elliott said...

Baby C is getting SO big! That spaghetti squash puts it in perspective big time. Glad you and the baby had a good Easter.

Looking totally gorgeous as always! Loving the dress and you are just glowing!

Joann Moss said...

Each week you are more beautiful!

Phoebe said...

I'm not sure I'm allowed to say this but...your boobies look awesome!

Jen Huddleston said...

Thanks for the part-ay! Love you.