Friday, September 7, 2012

4 weeks

Dear Harrison,

Another week has seemed to fly by my sweet little man.

We have not had too much excitement around here.  Just the normal days/nights and feeling more established into a routine.  I am a huge advocate for you being on a schedule and have been reading Baby Wise as a recommendation from other moms and your pediatrician.  All of the believers in this book love the schedule, but said to take the rest with a grain of salt.  I have been writing down all of your feedings - time and amount consumed since we brought you home from the hospital.  Yesterday I started a "schedule" with you.  I knew there was going to be some crying, but the goal is having you  going at least 2 1/2 hours between feedings, with wake time and then you nap in your crib and go to sleep on your own.  You did wonderful during the day, you cried out the most on your last 2 feedings before bed.  The crying is hardest on me and your Dad.  But they say a normal happy newborn cries 1-4 hours a day.  We are going to keep on this as we want you to be a good sleeper.  It's best for all three of us :)

You have filled out but you look the same from birth.  Your eyes are still a dark shade of gray.  You have a reddish tint to your brown hair, especially in the sunlight.  You can thank me for that.  You try to grab anything and everything, including my hair and my glasses.  After some feedings during the day I lay you on your pallet in the floor to play until you are ready for a nap.  You already act like you want to roll over and you like your little Taggie blanket.  You are getting an activity mat ASAP.  You love to stretch out and kick and be a "big boy"!

It is still pretty hot outside but soon once Fall is here we will make daily walks around the neighborhood.  I look forward to watching you take in the sounds and smells of TN Fall weather!  I hope you love the Fall as much as your Dad and I do.  Fall brings cooler weather, football and Halloween.

Going for a morning stroll

BTW - you were amazing during your first UT game.  You stayed awake through almost the first half, you were asleep by halftime and slept the rest of the game.  I am surprised as the TV was blaring and there was some yelling going on...

Mohawk after a bath

I have a special post planned for Monday.

Until then I will be enjoying your sweet smile and little grin.

Aunt Brooke came to visit during your playtime...and could not resist taking a few pics.

I love you Harrison.




Jess Miller said...

I love the muscle shot! That is so cute! I'm sure he will love the fall and football!! How could he NOT?
You're doing a great job! I'm impressed with your scheduling!
He's such a cutie!
Love ya'll

Karla Wardlow said...

Jen (Miller) and I were talking about all the babies lately the other night and both agreed you have the one of the prettiest newborns ever! I am glad everything is going well!

Nicole Elliott said...

Glad he did well his first game :) I just know he is going to love football and fall too!!
I wanna come see you guys!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...


That is all. :)