Monday, September 10, 2012

1 Month and Your Birth

My dearest Harrison,

You are one month today.  Be still my heart.

A few days after you were born I started writing about your birth.  Your birth is not the first nor the last but the moment you were born is yours alone.  As you can tell from my posts, I am not a writer but I wanted to write details of the day because down the road I might forget certain things about how you came into my life...


The morning of your birth, your Dad and I needed to be at the hospital at 9am as I was scheduled for c-section delivery at noon.  We woke anxious as any first time parent would be - I even cleaned the inside of the fridge but you will learn this is just how I am.  After a few last checks of our overnight bags and we were on our way to the hospital.  

Once we arrived at patient registration we patiently waited and watched synchronized swimming on the TV in the waiting area until my name was called.  I had never been admitted to the hospital for anything before besides one outpatient procedure so this was all new for me.

 We got checked in and escorted to our labor and delivery room by a very nice older man with a pretty white beard.  We unpacked items from our hospital bags and I started a genius playlist on our iPod "The Sweetest Thing" by U2.  Soon my nurse for the day, Victoria, come in to get me hooked up and began prepping me for the c-section.  First she hooked me up to a monitor so we could hear your heartbeat.  I am very glad we chose this day for your birthday as you were obviously ready to enter the world as I was having contractions 3 minutes apart.

By this time your Aunt Brooke had joined us as she was documenting the entire day and after a few bas of fluid had went through my IV, Dr. E came in to take one last look at you in utero to ensure you were in fact still breech, and you were.  The hospital has to make sure we were in fact doing the c-section for the right reason as it is major surgery.

The time was close now and I was getting very nervous as I had no idea what was in store for us in the next hour or so.  I could not wear my wedding rings due to my hands being swollen so instead wore my rosary from the Vatican to keep us safe and protected but they would not let me wear it into the OR so your Dad wore it instead.

Soon everyone was ready for me in the OR.  I had to go into the OR alone to get my spinal and some final prep before your Dad could be let in.  The OR was very intimidating but Dr. E was a Godsend and kept me calm with her always practical yet caring beside manner.  I also had made zucchini bread for the nurses so they mentioned in the OR how great it was as none of them had breakfast.  I made it as as thanks and hoped it would help them to be a bit nicer to us ;)

When I was ready they brought in your Dad and got started.  I cannot describe the sensation of the procedure but there was no real pain.  Your Dad just stroked my face and held my hand and made me calm as he only knows how to do.  As your gender was a surprise, Dr. E had asked how we wanted to be told if you were a boy or a girl, either by holding you up over the curtain or just announcing it.  I opted for her to announce the much awaited news.  While Dr. E was pulling you out you were pooping.  She said "You've got a pooping boy!"  I thought I might be dreaming or it was an affect of the drugs and I said "What did she say?" and she said "IT'S A BOY!!!"  Tears of complete and utter joy streamed down my face as I stared at your Dad.  You were the best surprise and so worth the wait.

Besides the day I married your father, 08.10.12 was the best day of my life.

Our First Photo

After your arrival, your dad escorted you to the nursery for routine checks while I was being stitched up.  While Dr. E was working she told me she knew why you were breech.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around your neck.  Oh sweet baby, I am so thankful I followed my heart and did not try to turn you.

After I was all back together, I was wheeled back to our room to find your dad sitting there but you were not.  You were still in the nursery getting your first bottle and a bath.  Everyone waiting to see you got to witness this from the nursery window.

It seemed like forever before you were brought in the room to us.  We passed the time looking at congratulatory emails as the news of your arrival had travelled like wild fire.  I had drafted an email and your Aunt Jess sent it out for us the minute she heard the news. Your birth was highly anticipated :)

As the minutes passed I was getting nervous to meet you and hold you for the first time.  I prayed you would know we were your parents and could feel our love in your short minutes of life.

Your Dad can explain his Wolf shirt to you...for those interested check out the reviews  :)

Finally you were brought to us.  Your Dad had never held a newborn before but he took you in his arms like a pro and then placed you in my arms.

Oh little one, I just love our family of three.  You were exactly what I had hoped for but nothing like I envisioned.  I still cannot get over all of your beautiful hair, as your Dad and I thought you were going to be a bald little girl.  I wanted you to be a boy so badly, not just to give your Dad a son, but because I honestly saw our family with a boy over a girl.

The first moments with you were amazing and I loved your Dad so much in the moment.   It is a feeling I could never describe to you but you will understand one day.  My love grows each day as I watch your Dad love and care for you.  He loves you fiercely and with all of his heart.  I know this because it is also how I love you.  We created you, loved you as you grew inside of me, and waited patiently for your birthday.

You were visited by many and loved on throughout the day.

You were celebrated.

Thank you for being such a blessing and opening our hearts to more love for each other and you.

Happy One Month!

I love you,


Jess Miller said...

Oh my goodness! This made me cry all over again for the arrival of the blessed child! What a beautiful story! I think you're a wonderful writer, mother and friend!
I didn't know that about the umbilical cord! Great instincts! So glad you didn't listen to me! ;-)
Love the three of you very much!
Happy 1 month sweet HT! You are very much loved by all!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

One month has flown by. He is the best baby and you have proved to be an amazing mother--as I knew you would be. Your family of three is beautiful (inside and out). HT has no idea how lucky he is yet. I loved watching him light up when you were talking to him yesterday. Love you all!!! Such a beautiful post.

Nicole Elliott said...

What a beautifully written do not give yourself enough credit. My heart is full from reading this and thinking about your sweet family of 3 - I just could not be happier for you. A month has flown by and you guys are rocking this whole parenthood thing :)
Thank you for sharing this and for letting us be a part of this amazing day. Sending you, Lee, and Harrison love on this month milestone. <3

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday Harrison! What a beautiful post!

Jo Warner said...

You are all so lovely......that is all I can say really! :):)