Friday, September 28, 2012

7 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

Hi my love.

You are losing more of your hair.  You have much more in the back than on top.  You kind of have old man hair but you are still cute regardless.  If you are ever bald like your Dad your little birthmark will show.  I have the same birthmark but according to my Mom mine was only noticeable when I was hot or mad.  I do hope you have a nice head of hair.  I know your Dad hopes the same for you even if it will make him jealous.

I stripped you down to nothing this week and let you lay on a blanket outside.  It could have been disastrous but you loved it besides the sun being too bright for your sweet little eyes.

Bath time is getting easier on you.  You are getting bigger so it's almost a 2 person job but once you can sit up it will be easier on me too.  We wash quickly and get all of the creases and folds.  This is what is getting easier.  The part you still hate is being cold.  So as soon as you are out you get a nice soft blanket to warm you back up and all is right again in your world.

You are the happiest little guy.  You are a grinning, laughing, thumb sucking, kicking, stretching, grunting, eating, sleeping, pooping machine.  You've got it great kiddo.

And you have my whole heart.

It's blurry but I love this pic anyhow

I love you,


Jess Miller said...

Aww! I love naked babies! Especially that one! He is getting so big! I love all of those sweet grins!
Miss you guys!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Even bald, even with old man hair, he would still be adorable. Isn't it amazing how much you are in love with your child? Nothing like it.


Nicole Elliott said...

LOOOVVVEE that thumb sucking picture. His grins are so delicious!

Jen Huddleston said...

He totally wanted me to kiss his belly.