Friday, September 14, 2012

5 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

I was debating on stopping weekly posts and go to monthly now since you are officially ONE MONTH OLD!!  But I could not resist...

This week you have received some wonderful gifts (and I received a box of scarves...Jen you are the BEST!)

As promised I bought you an activity mat and you LOVE it!

Your extended family in the wonderful UK sent you a care package (and Momma a little chocolate too)  I cannot wait to tell you all about our adventures we had while we lived in England and introduce you to the amazing people we sincerely think of as family.

You also got to meet my dear friend Tilly.  She and I were inseparable in high school and we have since been in contact again after many years.  She also showered you with some awesome gifts and your first Elmo.  Soon you will meet her little boy Hess.  He is waiting to visit until you have had your 2 month shots. (Sorry but too many faves holding Elmo)

Today you accompanied me to the dentist for a cleaning and we popped into the grocery store for food and supplies for tailgating tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the UT/FL game.  We are beyond pumped!  The game has been seriously hyped up and the Big Orange hope to live up to the hype.  We have had some rough years as of late and FL has beat us 7 years in a row!  It's time for redemption little one.  Neyland will be rockin...the game is sold out and will be 102,455 strong.  And while you will not be there you will be sporting your orange and white!


I love you,


Nicole Elliott said...

IN LOVE with that first photo of you and Harrison! And those smiles with Elmo...forget about it!

Please keep up with your weekly posts, I know I look forward to them.

I was so glad I got to see you both tonight and get some snuggles in.

Oh, and GO VOLS!!!!

randi14 said...

Note to self: stop trying to use your phone to leave a comment, I have been unsuccessful 3 times! Argh!
Are you kidding me with those shots of him with Elmo?? Already loves that little red guy, LOVE it!!
SO great to see you 3 the other day, Harrison is so handsome and such a great baby. I loved loved loved snuggling him and chatting away for hours! Can't wait to see you all again. And Hess is super excited about meeting you and Harrison very soon.
Oh, and this will be one of the only times I want Tennessee to win. ;) Enjoy the game!

Jess Miller said...

Yes! Please post every week! I love it! And I'm with Nic the pic with you and he is just beautiful!
Love you three very much! Sorry about the Vols!

Jess Miller said...

Yes please update every week!!! Don't stop! Ever! :)
I'm with Nic and I LOVE the first shot! So beautiful! He's so handsome and I can't wait for some cuddle time very soon!
Love you 3!

Jen Huddleston said...

I am getting caught up because I tend to read on my phone and then can't comment : ( But I like to see the photos again on my big monitor : )

I am so glad that I get to see Harrison week to week, but I can't blame you one bit if you decide change your posts. I do just hope you'll upload photos to somewhere so I can still stalk him : ) And you all.

He is incredible and I understand why he has your entire heart. He is definitely holding on to mine.