Friday, March 15, 2013

30 Weeks

Hello my little one,

This week was your Dad's Spring Break from school.  We enjoyed our extra dose of Dad...

 We didn't do anything  spectacular or outrageous but be home just the three of us.  I worked half of the week and he worked on home improvement projects.  We took advantage of being together and it was great to be just us.

We didn't have the weather we had hoped for so we only took a few walks but we hope the weather cooperates over next week so our afternoon walks can begin again.  (Aunt Jess you need to bring Reme to walk with us!)

You are still trying more new foods.  This week you had bananas and prunes.  You are still loving them all.  I pray you are a great eater like I was as a child.  I might be a tad picker now but that's only from years of eating and knowing what I like and how I like things prepared.  Just ask your Dad one day how I like my eggs.

Tomorrow we celebrate your Aunt Brooke's birthday and happily wait for Spring to arrive.

I love you always always.



Nicole Elliott said...

Love that bead toy :)
He's eating so much like a big boy! I need to see you guys!!

Jess Miller said...

We can't wait to come join you!! Soon very soon, I know Spring will sprung soon!