Friday, March 1, 2013

28 Weeks

Hi my little man.

Currently I am hoping for more sunny days with you…

I am ready for Spring and warmer days we can enjoy together.  Until then we can find ways to enjoy the inside.  We've been doing pretty great at that so far...

That's your furry friend Duke...he is not your greatest fan but he tolerates you.  He doesn't lick, bark, bite, or really care that you are beside him.  That makes him a swell dog.  He lays were he is told, unlike his sister.

I’ve been introducing more foods to your diet.  This week you have had carrots, peas and butternut squash.  You are switching to fruit next and then will start mixing and matching for a little bit before introducing some other foods.  You love all of it so far and I love preparing it all for you.  Your Dad has said since we brought you home how lucky you are that your Momma can cook.  It is one thing I take pride and enjoyment in.  And your Dad knows his way around the kitchen too so you are extra lucky. 

You love to play and this week you discovered your shadow.  And since we are in dream of the future mode around her I am currently researching things for you – I know many moms that keep a wish list for their child so great-grandparents, grandparents, aunts, friends, etc. can know things that they want their child to have so I have started the same.  If asked tomorrow what you need I would answer formula and diapers because that is what you need.  But a book or toy that you do not already have is nice as well.  

It's going to be a cold weekend so we will be cozy and warm...loving you more and more every second!

Always yours,


Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Love that onesie!! :)

Nicole Elliott said...

Love that shadow pic...adorable!!

Jess Miller said...

Where can we find the wishlist?
He's too sweet for words!
Love you three!