Sunday, March 10, 2013

7 Months

Hello sweet boy!

This week started off very cold.

We woke up to some snow 2 mornings.  It was just a little dusting but it was enough for me to get some snow for you to touch.  You were not too fond of the cold.  Your Momma doesn't like the cold either and we are lucky we do not have to get out everyday.  We can stay inside and stay warm!

Since last week you have finished up the veggies I planned to introduce and now you are eating fruit.  So far you have had apples, peaches and mango and to no surprise you love them.  Fruit will be refreshing when the weather is warmer. 

And we have had a few warm days and we took advantage and took you to the zoo!!  It was a sensory overload for you but I think you enjoyed it.  At an exhibit if an animal was sleeping or not moving you liked looking at the water.  We bought a year pass so we will so back soon.

Also not just the 1 but 2 teeth starting to bud.  Your toothless grin will soon be a thing of the past and I will love it just as love every little thing about you.

Thank you for being the best thing about my week, my year, my life...

I love you,


Nicole Elliott said...

Catching up on the blog tonight and when I read 7 months, I gasped. I of course know this is the right age, but I still can't believe it!!! He is so cute!
P.S. I love that stripped sweater he was wearing at the zoo...adorable!

Jess Miller said...

I love his face when he's playing with the snow! Too funny!