Friday, March 22, 2013

31 Weeks

Dear Harrison,

It is officially Spring...and it's been cold ever since.  But we did get to enjoy some sun over the weekend.  We spent a long time outside and you were very interested in my camera.  You are interested in everything my little one.

You are mobile.  I thought you were before but watch out now!  You are rolling and scootin everywhere.  And you think I am a jungle gym.  It’s pretty hilarious.  You are lounging toward toys and doing belly flops from sitting.  We better get prepared for strange looks in public from the bumps and bruises on the horizon.

You have had pears and apricots this week and next I will be mixing together fruits and veggies you have been introduced to so far.  You are not ready for everything and still your formula is most important.  You have gained a pound in 4 weeks.  You had your second flu shot this week so I got to weigh you.  You are right under 19 pounds.  You are a good workout for Momma :o)

You capture my heart over and over every day.

I love you,


Nicole Elliott said...

Ohhhh what a cutie!!! Love those scooting crawl pictures. I need to see you guys asap!!

Brooke Kelly Photography said...

Welcome to the mobile world momma!! I need HT snuggles.

Jess Miller said...

I love that you are making your own food! I look forward to getting advice on how you do it!
Bootie Scootin' Boogie!
Love you guys!